What is a Legacy?

What is your Legacy?  Is it your name remembered by an action, a quote, or a change to the world?  I have finally made another “life” discovery!  It’s not about me and my legacy, it’s about what I will leave behind one day.  What contributions I have made to the world with the miracles given me. 


I just spent this entire past weekend moving my baby, that’s right, my 21 year old baby son Sean, down to Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, CA.  That’s about 4 1/2 hours from our home.  This was one of the most emotional and overwhelming experiences of my life!  One of the most Happy/Sad moments I have ever experienced.  We drove all his things down in a u-haul truck, moved him into his new apartment, took a walking tour of the campus, stocked his fridge, purchased his supplies, and then waved goodbye as these two grown men, father and son… cried!  I will never forget his face with those tears in his eyes, and a smile from ear to ear.  I don’t think I will ever be the same!! 

Tonight my heart aches, yet my spirit is over-joyed!  My emotions are on this massive roller-coaster, and it seems I am having trouble focusing.  He is all alone in a strange place, no job, no friends (yet), and he starts classes this Wednesday.  His friend will move in with him mid August. I know he’ll be ok.  Why?  Because he is a straight A student, with 4.0 GPA.  Sean just transferred in from De Anza College as an Undergraduate.  He will be starting his Junior year with Cal Poly.  His Major is Business Administration.  Sean’s a great photographer, a musician, and just a down to earth, great human being.  He has never drank alcohol, smoked, or done drugs, and he’s at the Top of his classes.  This is how I know he’ll be ok!!  I am the proudest father on this entire planet tonight!


Seans tuition over the next two years will cost nearly $40,000.  If each member of Active Rain donated just one dollar, that would be $39,758 dollars (send to the address on my profile of course), (BIG SMILE)  Am I getting creative here or what? LOL!  I thought about coming to all your homes and washing your cars, but I don’t have two years to raise the money!  :-)  Just kidding!  I’ll come wash your cars! 


Seriously though, here is my legacy.  When it is my time to go, I will be leaving behind a trust-worthy and positive contibuter to society, my son Sean.  I dedicate this post to his achievements, his dedication to education, and his “new life” at Cal Poly!  He is a godly young man with a huge future ahead!  It’s so hard to believe twenty years have passed, and now my son is gone.  Guess I have a bit of empty nestor syndrome, but I couldn’t be happier or prouder of him.  Sean will carry on our name for the next generations.  For me, today is one I will always remember as long as I live.  I have discovered that my Legacy is not all about me, it is all about the ones I love and truly care about!!  My son Sean, today and forever, my Hero and my Legacy!


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