What’s Most Important To You?

What is most important to you when referring a client to a Title Company.  It is my experience that REALTORS and Lenders select those companies in which they have the greatest and most beneficial relationships.  Normally, it’s the ones they have received exceptional services, tools and products.  With today’s technology, I know it’s not always about location, location, location anymore..

  • What Company do you use?
  • Who at that Company do you use?
  • Why do you use them?
  • What made you start using them?
  • What’s “REALLY” most important to you?

Is it the service? Is it the products and tools? Is it the people? Of course it is.

If there were a way that someone could help you increase your business, save you time, grow your income and do it all without impairing any existing relationships you may have with another company, would you be willing to listen? 

If they could show you products, tools and services that no other company could offer, that would increase your production and generate revenue, would you be willing to spare some time to discuss them? 

What’s most important to you?  Each person in our profession is different and has unique expectations.  I’d love an opportunity to discuss yours, and then earn the chance to exceed them!  This may sound like a sales pitch, but it’s not, it’s my personal approach to establishing a meaningful relationship, find out some facts about you and your business, then see where I can assist so all will prosper and benefit.  I look forward to meeting and discussing “What’s most important to YOU” in the days ahead. 

I think I’m going to like this ActiveRain network, already feels like home. 🙂

The Escrow Guy!

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