When NOT to use a Tripod for VIDEO

Happy Monday!! I couldn’t figure out why I was so tired this morning. WARNING! This is not my typical post on the AR Blog. (It’s NOT A TUTORIAL) LOL~ You might not even recognize ActiveBrad in this one, but it really does explain why I am so exhausted today. I learned a neat little tip this weekend about Video. “When NOT To use a Tripod!” I know that many of you have read my top 10 tips for video, and this goes against everything I ever told you, but really, you tell me where a Tripod in this video has a legitimate purpose.

I told Rich I was going to post this today jokingly, but then I thought about it, and felt you guys might enjoy watching the personal Crazy side of ActiveBrad. Here’s what happens at the Andersohn home on the last day of Summer, just before my kids all go back to school. This is the first video that I can honestly say would have been impossible to use a tripod. Seriously. I’m lucky I still have my flip video camera and that it’s still all in one piece. :-O

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