Where To Begin Internet Marketing

Where is the best place to begin Internet Marketing and Advertising?

There are so many options, so many choices, so many social networks and wesites with FREE technology and tools.  So many paths to choose from yet so many ways to fail and consume my business, personal, and family time.  What direction and path should I take that will be best for me and my business?

Today I received the following email from one of my On-line Academy attendees asking me the following questions.  It dawned on me how many others out there may have the same questions and concerns?  We all started somewhere and from the exact same place with these very same questions.  This was my response to here and hopefully the response will be helpful to you if by chance you’ve discovered this posting.

Hi Brad,


“I only have my corporate website. Where is the best place to begin internet marketing? Would it be to create my personal blog? If so, do I need a domain name and website and then maybe start adding local content and some widgets from Zillow? I’ve taken some of the webinars you have hosted and know I can’t do everything at once. Just want to start making the proper steps.”

Hi Wanda – there are a few places you can begin, I’ll give you a few tips that might be helpfu;l:

1. Create and Build a WordPress self hosted Blog and start providing great content there:
You can add widgets, videos, audio files, anything you feel your target audience will find value in.

2. Participate on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube for social media connections.
This is a great way to see what clients, targets, and prospects like and are doing in their lives.

3. Create some niche or custom Blogs for specific areas of your business.
This could be short-sales, foreclosures, golf course properties, gated communities, horse property etc.

4. Get out in the community and neighborhood and participate and contribute to as many local events possible.
What you do in the real world can be brought into the online world and shared with a wider variety of audience.

5. Get a trainer, coach, consultant that can do exactly what I’m doing here for you. Don’t try to do it all.
Don’t try to be on all sites and everything to everybody. Pick one or two things or sites, then master them
according to a unique or specific style that woks best for you.

Most important of all, have a plan, a strategy, and then a passion for success and it will come to fruition.

Thanks, and I hope you have a wonderful and productive day.



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