Who put a link in the comments of this post? Please Do!!!

Would You?  I know it’s against the general guidelines of Active Rain and the Etiquette 101 Group to put links (SPAM) in the comments of other members posts.  I agree with this rule and will fully abide by it.  In this one case, can we make an exception?  

I wanted to share with others, some of the coolest things I have found out on the rain.  Being a newbie (there’s that word again),  I wanted to share the resources and discoveries I have made.  My invite list has grown larger than expected, and I feel I owe them this post! 

I am asking the “Rain Gods”  to make an exception with the comments just in “this post.”  I am actually asking for links in the comments  (just this once).  I’m looking for links to the Best and Coolest stuff.  (see mine below)  This is for me and all my Realtor and Lender friends that I invited to Active Rain.  Others will surely benefit too.

This network is such a powerful resource of information with thousands of members and millions of posts.  It could take months or even years to read all those, to find out about all the technologies and knowledge that is available via these 25,000+ members.  So here goes…

Since joining Active Rain around seven weeks ago, (Feb 27th to be exact),  these are some of the “Best” tools, links, services, technologies, and just “COOL STUFF” that I have found.  

 “BRAD’s Top 10 Active Rain Discoveries”  –  THIS IS REALLY COOL STUFF!!

  1. Slide – Creates Free slide shows.  Great for Website, Listings, Family and Friends etc.
  2. Meebo– A Free Online Chat Module for your website or Activerain Profile Page
  3. Overweb3D – Cool Multimedia for your Real Estate Website
  4. Google Analytics – Awesome tracking for your website and profile page
  5. Clustermaps FREE Visitor Mapping for your web.  Shows a World Map with all your visitors
  6. BatchGeoCode – Map Multiple Locations, great for travel of tour sheet
  7. Rand McNally – (NEW) Get directions between multiple stops, all in one route
  8. Google Earth – Absolutely the coolest thing on Earth! The world at your desktop! FREE
  9. Primo PDF– A Free PDF Convertor, Converts any printable doc to a .pdf format (save $500.00)
  10. MyPublisher – A website that allows you to upload photos and create a nicely bound book
    for your clients. A great closing gift! Less than $30.00. (A Great Referral Book)

I know there are hundreds more, so what have you discovered on Active Rain?  I’ve shared with you, now it’s your turn.  What is the first product, link, website tool, or program that comes to your mind?  Please create a link to it in the comments section below.  Come on…you gotta share.

I’m hoping that other members will find more value in your comments, than they do my post.  🙂


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