Widgets…Can Be Hazardous to You and Your Readers!


 Well I finally did it!  Pushed the envelope!  Went over the edge, maxed out, and crashed my Active Rain Blog!  As many of you know, I am kinda techy, and love to share my Widgets, Gadgets, and What-cha-ma-callits with others!  On my previous post, Broker Bryant commented that it was taking a ton of time to load my blog on his screen, and that the cookies were killing him. (Mine, not TLW's) LOL  I made some wisecrack about him needing to get a new computer or something like that. (lovingly of course)

Many of you know Jeff Turner.  He comes up with some great techy stuff too.  So I am always snooping around his Blog to see what he'll do next. I have to say, the Bubble Guru and the Gizmo head were very fun and entertaining, however they do make your Blog bog down if you have as many as I did. 

 Well last night, I went and added this little Widget below to my blog. (bottom of this post)  It was the straw that broke the camel's back.  That little puppy was all my Active Rain Blog could take.  When I went to reply to my comments tonight, my Blog was just a plain blank white screen.  I thought AR was down.  Then, I got an email from Teri Ellis saying she couldn't get into my blog.  Now I'm really starting to have a freak out episode… 

Frantically, I go into my personal settings, remove some of my widgets, say a short little prayer, and BAM, still no Blog.  Now I am totally in a state of panic!!  I'm thinkin someone's hacked into my Blog!!  Or maybe AR has given me the boot for some unknown reason.  So I go back into my settings, and kill almost half my widgets and gadgets, hit save, and then refresh my browser.  OH MY GOSH!  Still just a blank white screen, absolutely nothing!  My Blog was GONE!!!  🙁

 By this time, I have a HUGE VEIN popping out of my forehead, and I am totally RED from my hairline, all the way down to my chest.  I'm soaked with perspiration, my eyes welling up in tears, so I tear off my sweaty shirt and do the only thing I know left to do.  I call another member from my Associates list!  And guess who I called?  Yep, Colleen Kulikowski. 

I dial the number as quickly as possible, still continuously hitting the refresh button like it's some kind of a "pinch me, I'm in a dream" button, (I mean nightmare)  I listen intently for her to answer her phone.  One ring…..two rings…..then three…. and I can't believe it, I get her voice-mail.  (She always answers her phone)  I'm thinkin CRAP, (that's not really what I was thinking) should I hang up?  No, she probably has caller id and I'd be busted. LOL  (she's pretty techy too ya know)

 I start leaving her this whiny message  "why isn't my Blog coming up when everyone else's is working fine?"  I get half way through my next sentence and Whah-Lah, my Blog appears on my monitor's screen!  Oh My Gosh!!!  So I calmly and politely dismiss myself from her voice-mail, and decide immediately,  to do this post.  This all took place in about 10 – 15 minutes or there abouts.   (It could have been an hour for all I know)

OK, I deserved it!  I had over 30 widgets and gadgets on my blog!  I was using them as a showcase to help other friends and members see which ones that they liked.  Then they could add them to their blogs.  Kinda like a "Brad's Window Shopping" display.  Well, I guess enough was enough.  Now I have about half of them left.  

 I have learned in life that everything has a limit.  It doesn't stop me from pushin the envelope, that's just how I am, but this did teach me where the lines and limits were, here on Active Rain.  You know me, always trying to find ways to amuse, educate and entertain readers and viewers. 

The moral of this post and story is, don't put too many widgets and gadgets in your green and yellow baskets.
This guy below pretty much chopped down my cherry tree, and sent my blog over the edge!!  LOL  I thought it was kinda funny and ironic what it said below his picture when I was done.   🙂


                                                                                                          My blog is worth $0.00.
                                                                                                      How much is your blog worth?

                                                                                  There will be days when your Blog may lead you to this:
                                                                                                  <<<<<WATCH VIDEO>>>>>


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