Winforms & Zipforms – Creating Master Templates

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Many of you probably know this already, but I was asked to share anyway.  If you are using Winforms Online, or Zipforms, you have the ability to create Templates that contain all the contracts and forms you need.  A Template for buyers, sellers, investors etc.  You can create new transactions on the fly, and simply import the master Templates.  This will save you time, and also prevent you from missing a form if you are distracted or in a hurry.  The process is very simple and only needs to be done once.

Creating Templates

  • Select Add (Create)
  • Name the Transaction ie: Buyer Template or Seller Template
  • Change Transaction/Template to "Agent Template"
  • Select your transaction type "Purchase or Listing"
  • Now select your property type
  • Lastly, leave the Template box to NONE
  • Don't check the import box and now click Add, that's it!

Using the Created Templates to create a new transaction

  •  Select Add (Create)
  •  Name the Transaction ie: This time by Client Name, Address or both
  •  Leave transaction/Template to "Active Transaction"
  •  Select your transaction type "Purchase or Listing"
  •  Select your property type
  •  This time change the Template box to "Your Template" you created
  •  Don't check the import box, and click Add

This will create a new transaction without overwriting your existing Template.  A quick tip, remember to add all your personal and business information to "The Template" so you aren't having to type it everytime you have a new transaction.  Company, name, address, email, phones etc.  Don't forget to add your blog url or webpage.


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