Yahoo Real Estate? – The Jury Is OUT!

I’m looking for a “Verdict” on this one, and need your help.

Do you use Yahoo for searching the web or for any other reason?  Do you advertise on Yahoo?  Do you pay for your email address?  Are you in on this Yahoo Real Estate thing?  I was not aware the Yahoo was in the business of selling Real Estate and quite honestly I was rather shocked this was available.  I received this “spam” email and it really got me thinking wondering…

I’m just curious what your thoughts are about the idea of Yahoo trying to capture the “Buyer” market?  Just because they have the presence, power, money and ability to do this on the web, does this mean they should?  I was spammed to boot.  Don’t get me wrong, I believe in equal opportunity, just wondering how this might affect those who are using their tools and paying for some of their services only to have them trying to take the very business you’re after away.  I’m a big fan of the many Yahoo tools and services, but this one, I’m not too sure about. 

The jury is still out on this one, will you be the Jury??  What are your thoughts and wonders….I’m parked!

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