Oh Well, You Get What You Pay For

Here’s why you DON’T WANT every new shiny toy that comes out on the Web or for your mobile device.  I once heard someone say, “Well, you get what you pay for and if it’s free, what do you expect?

Zapd Closes
You’ve seen it happen, maybe even to your favorite site, online tool, or mobile app?  Nothing worse than getting that dreaded email telling you a site, service, or app is shutting down. Especially those sites where you’ve invested time learning, and then creating some really cool stuff that you use… right?

Some of these shiny new toys and tools last for many years while others barely make it out the gate or down the road for more than a few months and POOF… they’re gone.

Zapd.com is another one of those really awesome tools that lets you (used to let you) create mobile websites on the fly.  Here’s how they suck you in and get you to bite the shiny lure…

Real websites in 60 seconds

  • Professional and fun, you make Zaps
    right from your iPhone!

Looks great everywhere

  • Zaps are optimized to be viewed on phones, tablets and computers.

Many theme layouts

  • Whatever the occasion, you’ll find just the right style.
    New themes each week!

Adjust and filter images

  • Use the Photo Editor to
    enhance your photographs. Crop, add filters & stack effects.

Even build websites with friends

  • Yay! Collaborate! Build Zaps with people you know.
    Or people you don’t. Great for events.

Zapd for everything!

They got ya, hook, line and sinker right? But then a short/medium/long time later, you get this in your email inbox.

Bye Bye Zapd

For me the toughest part about all this is just knowing that I’m the one who shared their site and app with probably half of their entire user database. Well, maybe not that many, but when I find a great site, tool, or service and share it with hundreds and thousands of other friends and users, it feels like mud in the face.

zapd   zapd2   zapd3

I guess there are a few lessons to be learned here, but the main one is to not feel compelled or obsessed with having EVERY new shiny toy, tool, and app out there because ultimately in the end, nothing lasts forever… eventually, all things come to an end… or in this case, GET ZAPD!

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