Your Bookmarked Posts – Are they Subject to any Foul Play?

 Your bookmarked "favorite" posts can be hi-jacked!  Is this an Active Rain over-site or boo boo?  I'm not sure.  I don't think any of our members would do this, but what about outsiders who can get in?   

I don't have a problem sharing my favorite book-marked posts with others, but allowing them the ability to delete them does concern me.  I don't want to create a frenzy or panic, but if someone wants to get into your book-marked posts, they can.  I don't know if this was setup to be this way or if the "Great Creators" may have just missed this one.  I am posting this in hopes to either find out the answer, or get it corrected before it's too late!

I have not found the "Bug Patrol" group or "Ideas and Suggestions"group on AR just yet, so I'll put this out to my fellow AR members and get your take on it.  You can really find out a lot about a person by looking at their bookmarks…. You can also tell many things about a person by just looking through their check book too!  Where should the line be drawn?  Hmmm…some thoughts to ponder…

Should your favorite book-marked posts be available for others to view?  If so, why?  If not, why?  Should others have the ability to "delete" your book-marked posts if they want?  I say "No", but you may have a different opinion.  I'd love to hear what other members have to say and feel.


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