Youtube Video Channels – There’s More That Meets The Eye

Introductions, Education, Information, Tools, Tips, News and Views are what many people on the Internet are still searching for and seeking out.  That’s exactly what we’re trying to provide for our Youtube “Video” visitors and guests, and you should be too. Youtube is STILL one of the top “most searched sites” on the Web.

Having just returned from the New York MLS Tech Fair in Long Island where I moderated a “Social Media & Video” panel of experts, I felt compelled to get this message out there to Real Estate Industry professionals who have not yet jumped onto the “YOU Tuber” or “Vlogging” video wagon. Experts also advised just “DO IT!”

Take a look at the videos in this Cooliris player: Our very own Michael at Inman’s Agent Reboot sharing some great information and tips about tools we offer, Spencer introducing himself, a Premier Agent giving their points and views and more. A great combination and variety of different people with unique and transparent personalities and opinions all delivered as a “visual” instead of in writing or text.

So are YOU using video and YOUR Youtube Channels to get found and deliver your message?

This multi-video player below is a great way to get numerous videos out to your readers in a single Blog post, page, or website. It’s made by Cooliris and as you can see is very user friendly.  You’re also less likely to lose your hard earned and sought after traffic to the competition, just be sure to always provide the very best content you can create, find, and offer on your video channels.

Take a moment to view some of these videos and then subscribe. You won’t want to miss some of the new stuff that’s coming up in the weeks and months ahead. If you want to embed a Youtube Channel Player like this Coolris player into your Blog or website, it’s easy.  Just let me know and I’ll hook you up.  I’m doing a “How-To-Widget” webinar on October 25th at 11:00am (PST) and I’ll make sure you’re invited to be one of our guests.

Youtube Video and Cooliris? Another Great “Visual” Way To Share.  Have a great weekend~

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