Zillow® Academy Launches – Just In Time for NARdiGras

Zillow Launches Zillow® Academy – My First Big Announcement for NARdiGras, New Orleans

Today I get the privilege to announce and unveil one of the projects I’ve been working on at Zillow.  It’s the launch of our new Zillow® Academy.  Our new “Z” Campus will help to “Make a Difference” in our business and in yours. Zillow’s new Real Estate Academy is your one stop campus for ALL your Real Estate Training and Support needs.
Take A Quick Tour – Zillow Academy

Zillow® Academy is now officially open and there to provide enhanced training and support to our Industry colleagues, associates, and members.  Our mission and vision are clear, and our purpose and goals defined.

Our focus is to provide you with tools, technology, education and training that will make a significant difference in your Real Estate Business.  Our first official training “Premier Agent 101” already has nearly 200 registered guests. I know many of you will want to join us for this and other future classes, just know you’re always welcomed. 

I’m looking forward to seeing many of you at NAR today, and the rest of you at Zillow® Academy in the days and months ahead!  Thanks for your continued support and commitment to this Industry and to YOUR business.

The Official Zillow® Academy Calendar

In addition, you can join our “Live” chat at any of these classes using Zillow® Chat.

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