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Ribbet.com IS the NEW Picnik.com

Picnik.com closes today. The NEW Ribbet.com will be opening very soon and the only difference between the two is the name.  Ribbet .com looks EXACTLY like Picnik and will offer the same exact style and type of features.

If you like easy access to your images, photos and graphics with the ability to create collages, add text overlays, adjust contrast and brightness, combine images, use custom effects and more, then Ribbet is the NEW online graphic/photo/image editor for you.  Ribbet.com looks like the reincarnation of Picnik.com.

“When Google announced Picnik’s impending closure in early 2012 there was enormous public outcry. People had come to rely on the service, that brought “photo awesomeness” to everyone, and they weren’t happy to see it go, to say the least.

Along came Ribbet! Packed with all the original Picnik functionality and built on the same platform that made it great, Ribbet offers a familiar interface and the same ease-of-use that people have come to love. read more…

Since Ribbet has not gone live just yet, you can request an invite to join.  Go for it!

A screen shot of Ribbet (below) demonstrates just how much the NEW Ribbet resembles the OLD and now closed Picnik. It’s amazing to see how much these two look and feel like the same site.  Almost makes you wonder if there isn’t something fishy going on here…  🙂

Screen Shot 2012-02-05 at 8.59.21 AM

iPiccy Is Picnik’s Closest Replacement

In a hurried scramble last week to find a replacement for the Picnik.com closure in April, I had written an article featuring 7 FREE photo and graphic editing sites.  Some readers were hoping to actually find a replacement editor that was similar or at least closer to the look and feel of Picnik’s site.

Well here it is!  iPiccy.com is the closest you’re going to find to Picnik.com
.  The look and feel are more similar than any other site I’ve seen.  iPiccy might actually be Picnik’s twin brother.  Once you explore the site, you’ll see what I mean.  iPiccy is 100% free, no registration required, and offers many of the same features and benefits that Picnik does and more.  They include a painting module that Picnik didn’t provide.

Grabbing any image or photo is easy.  Just click the appropriate button and GO!  The editing options are endless and the ability to create some really cool customized graphics and images will be limited only by your creativity and of course your time and schedule.  The workspace on iPiccy will be easy to navigate, especially for Picnik users, and will feel just like your old Picnik stomping grounds.

There are multiple effects and single click options at your fingertips.  These will make your photos and images really “POP” and if you use a combination of the wide variety of tools and options available, the possibilities will be endless.

In literally minutes, you’ll be able to adjust your contrast, auto-correct colors, customize images, fix blemishes, remove red-eye, lighten and darken graphics, and even add text overlays, reflections, shadows and more.  Having access and the ability to utilize some really cool effects without being a graphics designer makes iPiccy one of my  TOP CHOICE recommendations.

Here’s what we just put together for our Valentine show next week.

We added a border,
created a matting,
went with  a sepia effect,
added a thick pencil sketching,
made it black and white,
re-sized it keeping constraints,
added a shadow border,
then dropped some text at the bottom and saved to the desktop.
This all took about 3 minutes from beginning to end.


Check out iPiccy.com and compare it to Picnik.  If you’ve never used Picnik, then you’ll have discovered a very cool free online photo and image editing site that you’re going to enjoy.  If you have used Picnik and feel as though you’ll be losing a best friend come April, I can promise that iPiccy will make the hurt a whole lot less.  In fact, some of you will like iPiccy even better than Picnik.

Screen Shot 2012-01-22 at 10.13.56 AM

Free Photo & Graphic Editing Sites

There is so much concern and “Buzz” about Google shutting down the Picnik.com site, so I decided to provide you with some alternative tools for editing and customizing your graphics, photos, and images.   While Picnik.com will be shutting down in April 2012, here are some other options you have available immediately and for FREE.

Ribbet.com is the twin brother/sister of Picnik.com.  For those mourning the loss of picnik.com, Ribbet will be your perfect replacement. You won’t be able to tell the difference other than the URL and web address you’ll be editing your photos and images on.

iPiccy.com comes in second place for replicating Picnik. iPiccy is a preferred choice by many for the simple reason that the editing and adding special effects is simple and only a click away. What might take hours in a photo editing software takes only seconds to create and save using iPiccy.com.

PicMonkey.com is a no monkey business site and is a personal favorite by many readers here.  PicMonkey offers a variety of features and tools you wouldn’t expect to see from an online photo/image editing site.  Scissor frames, curve, dodge, and burn… and a Facebook app?  PicMonkey is NOT one to miss.

FotoFlexer – Create some dazzling photo and image effects in your browser for FREE.  Use Animations, resizing, coloring, contrast and more.  Take a look at These 5 Demo’s for a quick tour of what FotoFlexer has to offer, you’ll love some of these cool features.  Smart Scissor is a favorite feature.

Pixlrand for Picnik users, try Pixlr Express.  You’ll love the Editor, the Pixlr-o-matic, the Pixlr Grabber for Firefox and Chrome browsers, and the Pixlr Imm.io hosting, all of which are very robust and user friendly cool features.

LunaPic – This site will rock your world!  Lunapic offers more choices and options for photo editing and custom effects than some of the paid software applications I’ve purchased and used in the past.  Use vignettes, color bars, animated imaging, picture frames, retro color, collages, custom text, reflection animations, slide shows, and a ton more.  One of the most feature rich FREE online editors available.  You’re gonna love this site.

FreeOnlinePhotoEditor – A really simple and easy to use photo and image editor for those “quick fix and gotta go” graphics.  Very basic but simple and fast.  Some of the other online photo and image tools include:  OnlinePhotoTool.com: Online photo editorAutomatically resize your images when sending it by emailCreate an Image from your RSS feedCreate Image from your Tweet and Twitter account, and Create, save and email screenshots.

BeFunky –  Be Funky lets you do some pretty amazing things with your photos and graphics.  Most of the features and tools are focused on creating cool, fun, and funky effects and artwork.  The site’s name says it.  Some of the effects available would take hours to create in Photoshop or other high end and costly photo/image editors.

Definitely worthy of a visit and tour.

Photoshop.com – That’s right, you can use Photoshop online and for FREE.  You’ll need to register, but I promise it will be worth it.  The Photoshop tools are powerful and very easy to use.  Be prepared to spend a little time here, you’ll be amazed at what they have to offer and allow you to do online for free.  I’m not going to lie, this is one of my favorites and my personal replacement for Picnik.com closing down.

GIMP – GIMP is very similar to Adobe Photoshop except that GIMP is FREE.  It does require you to download the software but one huge benefit to that is it will never be bought and shut down on you.  It is a very powerful and feature intense program so unless you’re really experienced with editing and graphic design, or you have more time than it takes to close a short sale, you may want to stick with one of the others.

I personally like to use GIMP for graphic design more than image or photo editing.

Combine all these together and you’ll have more FREE editing tools and features than you’ll ever need or use and absolutely FREE.  Take a few moments to review each site, bookmark them, then give each one a try to see which one(s) best meet your photo and image editing needs.  Enjoy! 🙂

Screen Shot 2012-01-20 at 9.12.16 PM

Google is Closing Down Picnik

It’s trueGoogle.com, owners of Picnik.com will be shutting down the site on April 19th, 2012.  I’m totally bummed.  I’m one of those thousands of people that used Picnik’s photo editing tools on a regular basis.  I’m really going to miss this site and all of its easy image and graphic editing features.

Some of the cool features I will miss include:

As a courtesy and step of good faith, they’re now offering the Premium service that many of us have been paying for since Picnik’s launch.  This is a token of their appreciation for leaving peacefully, quietly, and gracefully until they shutdown the site.  Feels a bit like I’m protesting here…  hmmm, I guess maybe I am?!?

On the upside, and of course the unknown side, Google will be adding the Picnik features and tools to the new social media platform they launched last year known as Google+ but only time will tell what they have in store and what will happen down the road.

So say goodbye to Picnik folks
, one of the best FREE and Premium online photo and graphic editing sites I’ve ever had the honor and privilege of using.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t extremely disappointed by this move on Google’s part.  🙁

Hopefully, the new Google+ with Picnik like features and tools will suffice.  Another great company has been bought up by Google but will now be gone forever.  R.I.P. Picnik.com.

And just in case they do fall short….
Check Out These Other Options and Alternative Sites:

FREE Online Photo, Image, and Graphic Editing

gimp screen

Get Professional Photo Editing App for Free

Get the Best Professional Photo Editing Software for Free

Image via Wikipedia

While many have discovered sites like BannerFans.com and PicNik.com for creating and editing photos and images, there’s still a great program out there called Adobe Photoshop.  Now you’re probably saying yeah, but online sites like Bannerfans and Picnik have free memberships.

While these sites and others do offer some great services, and for FREE, there is another option available if you really want to have an awesome program for photo and image editing.  It’s almost the exact same thing as Adobe Photoshop, it features more tools and tricks than you’ll ever use, and it’s absolutely free.

I’m not sure for how long, so you better run over and download a copy.  The original software, Adobe Photo Shop, will cost you around $500-$600 dollars, and it is packed with great stuff, but that’s expensive and means you’ll have to spend hours learning. Why not get an application that does and looks exactly like Adobe Photoshop, and learn it at your own pace without feeling compelled to try and learn it ALL right away because you spent so much money for it.

If you know anyone who uses or knows photoshop, then your support and help line starts right there, and that’s much better and cheaper than any paid support you’ll ever get over the phone.  Who doesn’t like value for FREE.  You can download the junior version of Adobe Photoshop called Gimp, by CLICKING HERE. If you’re not completely happy with the PC or MAC version, it’s only because there are so many options and tools, you’ll be overwhelmed and possibly lost.

That doesn’t mean I’d throw out a plane for FREE, just because I didn’t know how to fly it.


gimp screenshot

We have no stock in this company, we have nothing against any of the sites or companies listed here, we are merely suggesting that there is a great application for FREE out there that works great, looks and feels like Adobe Photoshop, and allows you to create, edit, re-size, colorize, crop, add effects, save as, and modify images, photos, and graphics until your heart’s content.

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