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Great Summary of Zillow Zestimates

Today, Screenr.com featured an excellent video by a Zillow Staff member, Rachel Rosen who does a superb job at explaining the Zillow Zestimate.  A special shout out and some link love to Rachel over at Zillow.com, and an extra special tid-bit of information for our readers if you really want to know “WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW” about Zillow’s Zestimates.  See two-minute video below, it’s a MUST VIEW!


Tech Savvy Agent Interviews ActiveRain CEO

Tech Savvy Agent Interviews ActiveRain CEO Jonathan Washburn at the Keller Williams Family Reunion in New Orleans.  Jonathan Washburn discusses tips for the ActiveRain Real Estate Social Network, and shares insight about the much sought after RainCamps that are currently touring the Country.

RainCamp is a one day “magical event” that has recently toured Seattle, San Francisco, New York and Dallas.  Their next stops will be Denver on March 9th, and then Las Vegas on April 1st.  ActiveRain is a Real Estate Network hosting profiles and blogs for their more than 175,000 Real Estate Industry Professionals.

Head on over to ActiveRain.com, read some blogs, join the community, and see what the “buzz” is all about.  You can also find out more about RainCamp by visiting their site at RainCamp.com.  So far we’ve heard nothing but great feedback and compliments about the event.  There’s a RainCamp Squidoo page that hosts many Blogs written about the event along with comments, a live twitter stream, and some pretty cool photos and videos.

350 Real Estate Technology Companies

The Fluoride Uncertainty Theory
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350 Real Estate Technology Companies including Links

1000WattConsulting has done a really nice job creating a “customizable” Real Estate Technology Company Directory.  The Index page is broken down into 30 categories that can be customized and sorted to your liking.

You’ll find links to company sites that provide everything from Document Management, Marketing Solutions, and iPhone Apps, to IDX Solutions, Marketing Tools, Lead Generation/Management, Listing Syndication, Mapping, Video, Transaction Management and more.

If you don’t see a particular company that you feel should be listed there, be sure to click on the link and add them.  There can never be too many resources, especially on a page that’s built with this kind of benefit and power.

The gang at 1000WattConsulting does an excellent job informing the Industry
about great tips and tools, and obviously has no problem sharing their findings with their readers and visitors.  Hats off to their TEAM, visit them at 1000WattConsulting.

MLS Cloud – Network of Public MLS Sites

MLS Cloud – Is a HUGE Network of Public MLS Sites

Nearly every Real Estate Agent in the Country is part of a local Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and in many cases, a member of multiple MLS systems for their geographic areas in which they are licensed to sell Real Estate.

Over 80% of Consumers are investigating and searching for homes on-line, and are likely to end up on an MLS site either via a search engine Keyword search, or by an option or link provided to them from a website or Blog article.

From the beginning of the search, to the end of the purchase and beyond, consumers just like you and me are constantly and continuously searching the web for items and information of value. MLSCloud brings both “items” and “information” of value.

MLSCloud has taken many of these MLS sites and combined them in a single site that hopes to Connect Consumers and REALTORS®.  There are currently over 611,745 Agents in the Cloud, and it’s growing everyday.  Agents use an animated Badge to promote their site.

If you’re in the Real Estate business or Industry and part of an MLS or have an association, be sure to check out MLSCloud to confirm that YOUR MLS is a part of this fast growing resource that is readily available to the buying and selling consumer.

There’s a likely chance that at some point during the online home search process, that Buyers and Sellers will come across MLSCloud.  It’s good to have eggs in multiple baskets especially for consumers on the “Year Round Easter Egg Hunt!”

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Get The Most from “AllTop” Internet Resources

Getting The Most Out of “ALLTOP” Internet Resources

There are millions of articles being published weekly on the web. Your search for relevant content that will be useful to your business and social media efforts will take longer and be more time consuming as the internet resources continue to grow. How do you get the most out of the web in the least amount of time and with minimal effort?  What tools do you have in place to help you maximize and manage the mass amounts of content that are flooding the web each day?  You don’t want to miss anything right?

AllTop is a fantastic site and resource to scan and review on a regular basis that allows you to find topics of relevant information, and then create your own page to keep on top of those desired topics, categories, and sites that provide you exactly what you want and are looking for on a daily or weekly basis. Some of the greatest resources of information can be found here.

See what some of the best content providers on the WEB are bookmarking and reading on their Alltop page.  If you are reading content that is powerful and priceless to you, then just imagine the value of the content that is being read by that resource.  It’s like having access to your hero’s HERO! It doesn’t get any better than this folks.

Here are some other areas you might want to explore if you’re interested in keeping up with this fast paced, Business and Technology world we live in today.

Alltop will be one of the best resources you will ever find on the web and will help you get the most out of the Internet resources that are available.  You’ll have up to the minute fresh new content that will help you in just about any area of education or desired growth.

If you are looking to enhance your knowledge or refine your skills, then you’ll need to find a way to “Get the most out of the Internet Resources” available, and ALLTOP is one of the “BEST” resources that will help you accomplish this goal.

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Top 40 Real Estate Resources and Sites

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Top 40 Real Estate Resources and SitesHere are the Top 40 Real Estate Resources and sites regarding News, Social Media, Technology, SEO, Networking, and Marketing for the Real Estate “On-Line” Industry.  They were selected based on content, reliability, reputation, consistency, longevity, and both customer satisfaction and rating.

“Click on any page to connect with their site”

[slideshare id=2352233&doc=top40resourcesforinformationeducation-091026162320-phpapp02]There are thousands of reliable Industry Resources on the WEB. The information and education they provide is in most cases FREE, and is readily available.  Finding these resources is only half the battle, learning what they have to offer and share, and then applying it to your business is the other half of the battle.If you want to lose the battle but WIN the war in Social Media, you’ll be doing your business and yourself a Huge Favor by reviewing these sites and Blogs, grasping what you can, then applying what you learn (with a passion) to yourself and your business.The Battle now becomes a WIN WIN!!

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Top FREE Sites for Your Business – 2009

Top FREE Sites for Your Business – 2009Here are the TOP FREE Sites to save you time, money, and increase exposure for your Business. These products, tools and services can all be found and used on-line from any computer, anywhere you have Internet Access.  With the widespread availability of Wi-Fi, you can now manage many portions of your Business and Clients on-line.  Each slide has a link to the site referenced which allows you to begin using these services immediately.[slideshare id=2118344&doc=topretools2009-091003163440-phpapp01]Bookmark and Share Twitter FriendFeed Facebook Flickr RSS LinkedIn All Networks RSS

Screenr.com – 2009 Best of the Web

Screenr.com – 2009 Best of the Web

Screenr.com is a user friendly and very efficient screen casting application. There is no software, no downloads, it’s fast, easy, and FREE.  Here’s a quick video screencast about Screenr using Screenr to demonstrate it.  It’s easier than 1, 2, 3.  We mean that literally.

Click On Video Below To See Screenr in Action[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHN2gNUcw5k]Creating video tutorials, screen shots, how to’s, etc. has never been easier. Just go to Screenr.com, register your Twitter Account information, and you’re ready to start using the application.  Everything is done on-line so there is no hassle dealing with video editing, sound manipulation, and getting HQ video playback results.You can tweet and retweet your screencasts, you can download them to your computer hard-drive, you can embed them and create links on websites and Blogs, you can even upload them to youtube.  Each video screencast you create is hosted on their site allowing easy access any place you are connected to the web.  Your library of video creations can even be played on the iPhone.The only limitation set by Screenr is that no video or screencast can be created to go over 5 minutes. Who wants to watch more than one or two minutes anyway?  This will become one of the most popular sites on the web this year in our opinion.Screenr is by far the BEST application for screen-casting on the web today. If you don’t try using Screenr, then you’ll never know what you’re missing.  Our hats off to the folks at Screenr for creating a fabulous tool not only for the “Twitter World”, but for the Real Estate World and RETechWorld as well.Bookmark and Share Twitter FriendFeed Facebook Flickr RSS LinkedIn All Networks RSS

Free File Sharing and Storage – Box.net

Picture 2Free File Sharing and Storage – Box.netBox.net is a file storage site that allows you to share and collaborate on files and documents with others.  Create all types of documents, then store them at Box.net for easy access and sharing later.Picture 1

Many Challenges. One Flexible Solution.

Box facilitates the way we work today, from collaborating with distant teams and external partners to accessing files from anywhere, any time. Our solution is simple, yet powerful – and ready to solve your most pressing business challenges.

With all the many files we create and share with others, I needed a place to store them so they could be shared on-line with others.  Creating a link to a specific document for download is not only easy, it saves me time and money.  Watch a Demo Video
Picture 4Step out of the BOX, check out Box.net, you’ll like it, which means you’ll use it.
Try it. Download This Article  – Free File Sharing and Storage

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Social Networks for RE Professionals

Top Social Networks for RE ProfessionalsAs a Real Estate Professional, there are a few Social Networks you should consider joining and participating on. These are some of the Top sites in the world and your presence there will make a significant difference in the growth of your business and your online relationships.Social NetworksActiveRain – The largest and fastest growing Real Estate Network in the WorldLinkedIn – Your Online Professional Profile and Resume with referencesFaceBook – The Largest Community and Consumer Social Network in the WorldTwitter – The Largest and most used Micro-Blogging Platform in the WorldYoutube – The Largest Syndicated Video hosting Library in the WorldFlickr – The Largest and most used photo hosting site on EarthFriendfeed – Pulling all your Social Networks and Feeding them TogetherThere are literally hundreds of Social Network sites available to join and participate for FREE, but these are a few that every RE Industry Professional should be on or at least start with.  Each network and community has a different type of environment to offer, the key to your success on each of them is to connect and engage with others.  Transparency and professionalism will take you far on any of these social networking platforms.Social Networking In Plain English

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