10 Top Excuses to Be On ActiveRain

What are the top reasons to be on ActiveRain? I was asked this question earlier, and thought I’d try to answer it here in this post. After combing through hundreds of posts, these are some of the TOP excuses that I have discovered and personally experienced. The links below are to posts from other ActiveRain Members who concur.

The Top 10 Excuses for Being on ActiveRain:

#1 – The Networking

Having access to nearly 100,000 Industry Professionals at your fingertips 24/7/365 makes ActiveRain one of the most powerful networks in the Web2.0 world. If you have been here for any length of time, you know exactly what I mean. ActiveRain is the Grand Central of Real Estate Networking and Sharing.

#2 – Better Internet Exposure

In just 90 days, my personal ActveRain Blog not only passed up my own website on Google, but it passed up my Corporate Employers Website too, and they are HUGE. I had no idea what I was doing and I still ranked higher on Google because of the Internet Exposure from my ActiveRain Blog. It has generated numerous leads from both consumers and other members. You will get exposed on ActiveRain.

#3 – Grow Your Business

You can convert leads from ActiveRain into live transactions. Since I am not a REALTOR®, I have been able to refer many buyers and sellers to other ActiveRain members from other areas. Growing business on AR is just one of the perks and privileges. Opportunities will just happen here, some large, some small, but you have to look for them, and you have to remain Active. Your content on ActiveRain and Localism are the key to growing your business.

#4 – Increased SEO

Google loves ActiveRain, and even though you don’t hear much about it, so does Yahoo, MSN, and the other search engines. ActiveRain is also getting scrubbed by AOL, Good Morning America, CNN, Inman News and many other news networks. Where would you go as a reporter to find the latest real-time news from any place in the Country? The media knows this, and now many consumers are finding us too. Learn about SEO, it’s why many are here.

#5 – Get Educated, Grow Resources

Learn anything, it’s all on ActiveRain. Technology, Marketing, Listings, Groups, Tutorials, How to’s, Experiences, etc. There is so much information shared and contributed, it’s some of the Best in the Industry. Many ActiveRain members are willing to share and give freely of their resources. They also share successes and failures. It’s a real world education in real time. The resources available here are mind Bloggling!

#6 – Build Referral Business

Blogging has proven to create opportunities to connect with other members and the public. As you build up your Associates around the community, and you subscribe to other members, you’ll find that building a referral base is a sinch. Sellers have to relocate to all parts of the country. Buyers want to invest in the same way. ActiveRain members span the entire country, building your referral foundation here couldn’t be smarter, or easier.

#7 – Experience and Knowledge

Combined, there are thousands of years experience on ActiveRain. If you can’t find it on here, it probably doesn’t exist. There is more data here than you could read in a lifetime. 100’s of members join each day, and hundreds of posts go up each week. Thousands of comments each day! As the community grows, so does your knowledge base. Huge amounts of information are just a click away. Learn from the Top Bloggers here.

#8 – Connect with Consumers

Success stories are everywhere on ActiveRain. Click here for members who have shared how they connected with consumers using their ActiveRain Blogs and Profile’s. Some members here are Blogging to their geographic and target market areas. It’s a great way to connect with consumers and past clients. The public is also using the ActiveRain Q&A link to ask their Real Estate questions. A great connecting point between members and consumers. Then there’s Localism, the next “Force To Be Reckonned with!”

#9 – Save Money, FREE Marketing

To join ActiveRain is FREE, yes, but there are still some costs involved. It’s Your TIME! You have to invest some of it. The Pay Back on ActiveRain comes in such a wide variety of ways. Marketing yourself and business on Activerain is very powerful and also a bit different. Everyone wants to buy, but no one wants to be sold. Many of the members on ActiveRain market themselves the same way they’d want to be Marketed to.


The Thunder and Lightning of ActiveRain. As in any business, relationships are the key to growth and success. Building relationships on ActiveRain is nearly impossible NOT TO DO. If you’re here for the right reasons, and doing the right things, ActiveRain will become just as important to your business as any of your other tools and services. The relationships you build here will be for life. There’s nothing better than the friends and clients you’ll make on ActiveRain.

ActiveRain is NOT just another social network,
and here’s 10 good excuses reasons to be here.

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