10 Twitter Myths – There Are NO Rules!

Everybody starts on Twitter brand new and with a blank slate. Some of us are a bit lost, confused, maybe even a little scared not knowing exactly what we are doing and where we are going or hope to end up? Every member on Twitter starts with 0 followers, following 0 others, and has 0 Tweets.

Once the micro-blogging opinionation process begins, so do the concerns, the fears, and the myths you’ll begin to imagine and hear from others seem to sprout up out of nowhere. Twitter IS for everyone and if not, then it is for NO ONE! There is no right way, no manual, and there are no rules.

There is only ONE TWITTER and ONE YOU
and the greatest thing between you both is how you uniquely use the site and tool to establish your own uses and success stories. It’s Myths that will keep you from moving forward, backward, and just moving anywhere at all. Here’s 10 Myths about Twitter and how to overcome them.

Twitter Myths

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