Reducing Your Technical Learning Curve

How do so many people find the time to learn about real estate technology, mobile applications, building blogs and websites, and engaging effectively on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Youtube etc.? The bigger question is where do they find the time to learn all this stuff and still have the time for their business, their family, or themselves? Everything requires time and has a learning curve.

The Internet has so many resources and with sites like Google now providing the power to pretty much find anything you’re looking for on the web, you’d think this would make life simpler and reduce the learning curve dramatically. The problem is that there is so much information, with thousands of people authoring content that it can be difficult sorting, sifting, and filtering through all that’s available.

Finding a starting point as a base and using multiple resources that have the knowledge and experience is the best way to jump start your on-line efforts and community building process. Technology, tools, and sites are changing all the time and even as you are reading this, there are new ideas, tools, and products being introduced and implemented into the highways of the world wide web.

Searching for these tools, sites, products takes time and learning about them and how they work can take even longer, and then getting the support and training you need for FREE can nearly be impossible. Check out this FREE training and support calendar that will offer you a starting point, a base to begin at, a one-stop shop for a wide variety of the training and support you’ll need to succeed.

No other site offers as many FREE training webinars and guest speakers as this online campus. They’ve already registered over 6000 plus real estate industry professionals and many of the attendees have saved weeks, months, even reduced the learning curve by many years from attending these training and support sessions. The classes are all different and uniquely designed to teach and arm you with the knowledge and tools you’ll need to be effective.

Here’s a list of FREE classes and guest speakers for the month of June 2011. Take a moment and see what areas of your business might need improvement, then consider how much of the learning curve you could reduce by attending a one hour online webinar with someone who has spent years learning and keeping up with that particular topic. Time is a valuable commodity, and your time is the most valuable of all.

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