Social Networks for RE Professionals

Top Social Networks for RE ProfessionalsAs a Real Estate Professional, there are a few Social Networks you should consider joining and participating on. These are some of the Top sites in the world and your presence there will make a significant difference in the growth of your business and your online relationships.ActiveRain – The largest

RE Social Media – Who Cuts Your Grass?

RE Social Media – Who Cuts Your Grass?Jeff Turner demonstrates a great analogy of Social Media Marketing and Networking at the REBarCamp in Denver. Watch this slide show, and if it doesn’t hit home or make sense, then be sure to watch the video presentation where this slide show was used.[slideshare id=1474599&doc=mylawn-090522081938-phpapp02]The presentation isn’t really

Matt Cutts Discusses Google Caffeine

Matt Cutts Discusses Google CaffeineThis interview with Matt Cutts from Google is one that many developers and SEO enthusiasts have been waiting for. Matt discusses a few of the various changes, and the mission and vision of Google’s new Caffeine Search engine.[youtube=]

RE Tech World Launches New Site

RE Tech World Launches New SiteReal Estate Technology is one of the most difficult things to get your arms around. Between all the Social Media Marketing and Networking tools and applications, it seems that there is no human way possible to keep up with it all.  “”It’s like trying to drink out of a FIRE