How To Build a Concrete Canvas Shelter

Imagine being able to purchase a lot of land and deploy a Concrete Canvas Shelterin about 24 hours. This product and technology would allow you to live on the property and in a safe and sound structure while building your custom home or developing the land as desired. All-though this is currently used and demonstrated

How To Become a Real Estate Tweaker

Become a Real Estate Tweaker – As Told By a Real Estate Speaker! How can you “Tweak” your business to increase your bottom line?What tools and technologies including CRM can you incorporate to convert and close more contacts to life-long clients? Take a listen to Ben Kinney as he shares tips, tools, and secrets that

MySpace Using Music for Comeback

Are they attempting to “Save MySpace with Music” or are they “Singing the Blues?” One of the first and most popular social networks at the time, Myspace (now under new ownership and management) is trying to make a comeback using music as the tool or bait to lure the community back in.  Really? Will “The

Is Gen Y Tech Savvy or Dependent

This week is the California Association of REALTORS® (CAR) EXPO in San Jose California. One of the luncheon speakers this year was guest Jason Dorsey, a recognized “Gen Y” representative who spoke to the group about how Gen Y IS ready to buy.  The information Jason shared in a more than enthusiastic and exciting manner

Twylah for Twitter Branded Pages

Twylah offers and creates Twitter Business and Personal Brand Pages. Twylah consolidates and sorts out your tweets into an easy to read and understand page that will engage and keep your readers and followers longer.  The formatted page is cleaner and neater than trying to follow a twitter stream on your profile page or on

How To Manage Your Twitter Community

Socialbro is a product EVERY Twitter user must at least investigate and research (and eventually will) if they want to take the maximum advantage of managing and analyzing their twitter account, followers, and community.  The information, tools, and reports available from Socialbro will rock your world. Watch this video then just try to resist 

How To Add Google +1 To Websites

Now that Google +1 is starting to make its way into the streamline WebSphere as a significant player, I seem to be getting more and more requests asking how to add the Google +1 feature to websites and blogs etc.  The link below will help you create and Customize your +1 button and +Snippet. Adding

How To Target Listings on Craigslist

Here’s a really cool tutorial video by Mike Barrett who demonstrates how to target ANY MLS or IDX search to potential buyers on Craigslist. A good title with easy access to great content that looks pro is key. This How-to video includes how to capture any screen image and host it on the web using

How To Backup Your Facebook Content

How do you back up all your Facebook data? This is a common question I get asked frequently so it’s time to show you how.  The most important thing to know is that if you don’t back up your Facebook content and the site goes down or you get the boot, it will be gone