3 Tips – How Google Buzz and Profiles Generate SEO and Business

3 Tips – Can Google Buzz really generate SEO and business?

Is there a strategic way to use Google Buzz by mixing business and personal communications to generate ranking in search engines and at the same time, increase your visits and place in line making deposits at the local bank? 

First tip: Stop standing in lines at the bank, use ATM’s and secure on-line banking. lol~

Second tip: Watch this video and see what you think, cmon’ you know how you are, if you don’t buy into it, then nothing else matters anyway. Remember the “Buzz” when Google Buzz was introduced? Is there more to it? How about your Free Google profile, is it really ALL IT CAN BE?

Third tip: Try these things that I take the time to find and share with you.  You’ll find they actually work.  Seriously, review this stuff and then test it out yourself. Only YOU can make it work and I hope you will. That way I can continue growing and developing my on-line banking experiences too. JK (smile

Just know that I only share this stuff with you because I love you guys~  🙂

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