300 – Where Will You Be for #300 on ActiveRain?

Here in am in Orlando Florida at the NAR 2008 Convention and ActiveRain Gathering.  In a 100 years, I would have never guessed that this is where I’d be creating my 300th post on AR.  Sitting in my hotel room at the Hard Rock Hotel, I just had to write this milestone post.  What will make this post the most unique of all, is that I am building it as I go.  This will be my smorgasbord post of everything ActiveRain at the NAR 2008 event this year.  The CyberProfessionals, The Convention, The Expo, Diamond Dwellings, The AR Party, REALTORS night out at Universal Studios and anything else I can share.  It’s all been such a blur, thank goodness for digital cameras and video.

This has been one of the greatest times I’ve ever had.
  The memories from this trip will live on for lifetimes in this post.  Spending these past few days with friends and members from all over the Country completes what I call, a real history In The Making.  Jon, Rich, Bob, Jeff and I have really enjoyed being part of such an awesome trip here in Florida.  I am blessed to be with such a fine group of individuals who have really made me feel apart of not just a GREAT organization and company, but also part of a family that I would do anything for.  I never could have imagined that working for ActiveRain is really NOT just a job, it is truly a Life Adventure. 

Stay tuned for ALL the details coming very soon
….right now I’m off to spend an enchanting evening with my AR family and friends at Universal Studios here in Florida. I will be back to complete this post shortly….




UPDATED 11/11/08

Well I finally made it back home.  It’s amazing that I took over 300 photos, those have taken some time to upload, and I went ahead and posted most of them here, (the ones I can share anyway) :-O  I hope you’ll stop by to take a look at em.  Take a minute to see the “FaceBook” photo TagIt for sure, see how many AR members you can recognize and then tag.  It’s Fun!

     NAR Convention 2008 Photos        ActiveRain FaceBook Photo TagIt      ActiveBrad Video Prank on ARBob


There were so many great events happening you guys, so many things to do, so many people to meet, it was ALL so much fun and very exciting.  I still can’t believe how big the EXPO was.  It just seems like just a blur, there was so much there.  I’m not sure that I ever slept on this trip.  LOL   Hopefully, this post will capture most of what I got to see and do, and I’m glad I get to share it with you.  The best part of the entire trip this year was getting to meet ALL the other ActiveRainers from all over the Country.  Truly some of the best people and friends I know.  So until the next NAR Convention, REBarCamp or ActiveRain Gathering, be well, be safe, and be blessed!  🙂

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