32,000 Members – ONE VOICE!

 The power of the people. Active Rain is a powerful network of people.  With more than 32,000 members, this is a huge representation of our Industry, and it’s still growing in leaps and bounds.

Is Active Rain really the On-line National Association of Realtors and Affiliates?  It seems to me that when real issues need to be addressed, this is the group that will have “ONE VOICE” that can make a difference when it comes to National issues, legislation and decisions that need to be made that affect our industry, our communities and our customers. ie: The FHA Reform Bill, the ILC Bill, and Making Your Voice Heard!

We the people, are the ones who face the daily challenges, pioneer and take the arrows, and somehow find the time to come back here to share, blog, comment and support one another.  I feel like I am a part of something that is so much bigger.  Active Rain is growing so fast, it must be overwhelming to the creators (The Active Rain Gods), and many of us have not yet considered how we can use this powerhouse network of people to benefit our industry.

The most important part of this equation is “YOU“.  We can all pull together and have a real impact on the law makers and leaders of our industry and Nation.  We should stand strong and firm on issues that will better our communities and address National concerns.  We can also pull together to help victims like those from Katrina and other national disasters.  You do make a difference!!

 I propose that a forum, group, or feed be created for the front page of Active Rain that addresses some of the National issues and concerns that we are facing right now and will face in the future.  Many of us don’t even know what those issues are?  Are we really using the strength that we posses as a group, and as members of Active Rain?

Can 36,000+ members be the “One Voice” our industry needs to be heard?   What about a year from now when there are 60,000 or more members.  Don’t just be a Member and a Blogger, be a part of the “One Voice” that joins together and can make a difference!!

Your 2007 NAR Officers and Bios

Pat Vredevoogd Combs, 2007 President

Richard Gaylord, President-Elect

Charles McMillan, First Vice President

Bruce Wolf, Treasurer

Monty Newman, Vice President & Liaison to Government Affairs

PeggyAnn McConnochie, Vice President & Liaison to Committees

Tom Stevens, 2006 Immediate Past President

Dale Stinton, Chief Executive Officer

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