7 Mistakes to Avoid on Active Rain

I guess you can call these my Top 7 Pet Peeves on Active Rain. This is not a rant or a rave, it’s just my way of sharing with members, what others members may feel, but never write about. Please don’t take this personal if you fall into one or more of these categories. I know I did, but hopefully the TIPS I have provided below may help.

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1. It’s frustrating when someone adds you as an associate, but they don’t put a comment in the box. Then why are they adding you? Don’t members know that this is where we can really help each other out? There are more ways to support each other than just commenting on others Blogs?

TIP: If you’re going to add a member as an associate, take the time to write a 10 second comment in the box. Just write why you are adding them. This is a powerful tool that can be used as your reference or referral page, but only the member “adding you” has the control.
To add a comment to the associates you’ve added, go to that members profile page, click on “Add Associate” above their photo, then type your comment in the box at the bottom of the page. That member will be notified by email every time you do this, and hopefully will reciprocate. You can change or update comments anytime.

2. New members sign up everyday (hundreds of them) and never even complete their profile let alone post something to their blog. What a waste of valuable time and what a missed opportunity for these folks. Why do you sign up for something if you’re not going to use or understand it?

TIP: It’s easy. Just complete your profile, put in a recent picture, and post something to your Blog. Use the search option on AR to find just about anything! If it’s happened, it’s here on Active Rain! (there are hundreds of support posts on AR to help you) that’s why there’s no manual per se.

3. The most common: the “points” only member. Thinking that getting the most points and being featured will increase or better their business. They don’t realize that it’s the content of their blog, and their interaction with others, that will grow their business and relationships.

TIP: Make your point in your posts, not get points from your posts!! Content is the king! If you focus on points, you might get distracted and miss the whole “POINT” of Blogging.

4. The Blogger that comments on your post with a question, then never comes back to get the answer. I know I have done that in the past, and boy howdy can that ruffle another members feathers. Or what about the poster who never comes back and answers your question?

TIP: If you have a question and you ask it on another members post, remember to check the “Notify Me of Comments” box above the security word before you submit. You can always go back and un-check it later. If you create a post on your blog, come back and read the comments, and then reply to those questions or comments as you feel needed. (you can reply back in the comments of your post as well, you don’t have to send them an email, unless it’s personal of course)

5. This is a great one, you spend 45 minutes putting together a great post, you click on a hyper-link accidentally somewhere on the page, or you hit the “BACK” button and BAM!!! Your post is gone forever. That one really hurts!! We’ve all done it!

TIP: Save your post as a “draft” (frequently) or save it to your note pad, or word, or…just save it somewhere!

6. You write a post, leave for the weekend, come back to find 15 new comments, and then respond to all 15 in “one” comment box, only to have number 5 happen to you again. I have spent 20 minutes in a single comment box, responding to all those comments and when I hit the “submit comment”, I got that dreadful “PAGE CANNOT BE DISPLAYED”! Man that’ll rattle your cage too! LOL!

TIP: Only reply back to 3 – 5 comments or so at a time. Try to be more consice in your reply comments. Don’t do mini-posts in the comments unless you do them one at a time.

7. My personal favorite only because it is harmless and unintentional, but it’s the “Impatient Blogger” who clicks on the “submit comment” then clicks it again because their screen didn’t change, only to add the same comment 2 or 3 times to your post. I hate deleting your comments, but by the 3rd one, I just gotta do it.

TIP: Question here is, how many points do you get if you submit the same comment 2-3 times? Hmmm….LOL!
Only click the “Submit Comment” button once! That’s it!

I have others, but these 7 seemed like a great start because I’m “Keeping It Real” and “Keeping it fun”!! What’s your pet peeve? Spelchek? hahaha

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