A Call to All Members – ActiveRain University Wants You!

ActiveRain University Wants You!!

Now that the ActiveRain University is underway providing training and support sessions for our members, we want to send out this invitation to ALL members inviting them to come present at our new on-line campus.  We are looking for volunteer members who wish to share their knowledge, successes, and “how-to’s” with the rest of the community.  We already have a few interested members who are willing and want to come share their secrets and tips on what has made them successful using their Blogs, Internet Marketing, and Social Media skills.

In the weeks ahead, we are inviting Special Guest Speakers, Presenters, and Trainers that are very influential in the Industry.  Folks who are in the trenches using their knowledge and experience to benefit in today’s economy and Real Estate Market, and who are excited about coming to join us and share.  At some point soon, we will also open up sessions and classes for some of our AR Business Builders and Vendors to come in and share how to use their products and services more effectively and efficiently.

We already have our first ActiveRain member, Jennifer Martin who has agreed to come share with you, her insights and experience which stemmed from a comment she left on Kerrie Greenhalgh’s “Success in the RAIN” Blog post.  The date and time for her class will be this Friday at 3:00pm (see calendar for pre-registration)

Here is a link to our Speaker/Trainer Registration form.  Just a couple things we need to know so that we can schedule you into a classroom on the dates and times you request.  We’ll also need your presentation topic that you’d like to share so we can setup the appropriate environment and tools you may need.  It’s a very easy going and relaxed campus, each presenter or trainer has up to an hour.  We suggest 45 minute classes allowing 15 minutes at the end for Q&A.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

The Calendar and all class details are located at ActiveRain University.

This invitation is open to ALL members regardless of which segment of the Industry you represent.  Title Companies, Stagers, Home Warranty, Inspectors etc., you’re all welcome to come “profess” and share.

So if this “calling” has your ears burning, or the excitement and thought of teaching, presenting, or sharing is keeping you up at night, then ActiveRain University Wants You. Come volunteer, and be a part of this exciting new addition to ActiveRain.  Thanks.  🙂

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