Active Rain | A Referral Network & Business Goldmine

 Are you looking to do more business in a market that has obviously changed? Do you want to get more out of Active Rain than just using the Blogging as social networking? Is Active Rain any different than the other groups or networks you’re already a part of? Are you doing business with other Active Rain REALTORS®, Lenders, and Affiliates? Could Active Rain be the Goldmine you’re looking for? These are some questions you might find yourself asking.

Click on “Your County” to see what other Active Rain members are in your area. These are the people who can relate and appreciate all that you are trying to do here. Don’t compete with each other for points or for the featured spot. Who cares if you’re featured if you’re Blogging all the time and not doing any business. Just look at the list of all the other members in your area. What a “Powerhouse Resource!” Some Counties will have many members and some will have just a few. The more, the better! You might try the County next to you, maybe they are panning for gold like you?!

What if you were to contact other members in your area, and create a Networking and Referral Business Group? There is some truth to the words in the song “I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends.”

There are some great opportunities here for us to help each other through the market right now. The Beatles’s sang it best with …”Come Together, Right Now!”

*Create a Networking and Referral group that meets in person monthly or quarterly.
*Exchange ideas and resources to help each other with some of the same and different challenges.
*Don’t see your counter-parts as competitors, but as counter-parts, they understand.
*Take the time to invest in your resources here on Active Rain, you’ll get REAL points.
*Refer business to each other and to your affiliates, that’s HUGE in this market.
*Don’t miss an opportunity to grow other business relationships because of unknown fears.
Make a commitment to give to other members instead of receive. It will come back to you!

I think Active Rain is one of the “BEST” referral networking goldmines there is! It’s right in front of us, but maybe the focused effort of “Blogging” is diluting some of the other true “value” here. Blogging and all that comes and goes with it, remains to be a proven asset for those who use and believe in it. However, are you using this Referral Network for all that it can offer? Is there more we could be doing to become “United and Survive?” How can you use Active Rain in your area to do what the name symbolizes? To a “Rain Maker” Active Rain means “Survival!”

I challenge you to step out of what might be your comfort zone here. Create some of the same great relationships locally that you have Nationally. Look at the associates you’ve added, and those that have added you, how can you help them? See other AR members as people who share the same needs, concerns, and challenges you do in today’s market. How can we help each other? Lets dare to make a difference in this network, be a part of the solution, and help those who have made it their decision to get through these times with success. All the good things in life as well as the bad, shall eventually come to pass! It’s how we work through these times “together” that will really make the difference!!

TIP: At the end of the day, people may forget your name, they may even forget what you’ve said, but they will NEVER forget how you made them feel!! Be sure to Live, Laugh and Love, because life is precious but short! Have no regrets!! 🙂 Just get on your feet, Get up and make it happen!!

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