Active Rain Blogging, Comments, Groups and Responses – Is There a Formula?

 I spend a great deal of time trying to create interesting and value-added posts for my Blog.  Trying to balance between business related posts, personal experience posts, supportive and informative posts, my Localism posts, and what's gonna be my next post, I have found that there is no balance!!  This requires quite some time.

Sometimes my posts are "featured" on Active Rain which ends up getting me lot's of comments.  I love that!  Now I have to spend more time reading them, and commenting back.  This is all great and almost manageable, but wait….there's more!! 

I feel like I don't spend enough time commenting on other members blogs I have subscribed to.  When I go to review "Your" Blog, I'll leave a comment, but I don't want to miss "Your" response, so I check the box, "Notify me of new comments".  Now my email is over-run by Active Rain comments, and responses to my comments, along with everyone else's comments in your Blog too, and now it becomes even more time consuming. WHEW!! Breathe!!

Adding to all this, there are 5 groups I've founded on Active Rain, I am now moderating the groups and featuring posts, deleting mis-posted items, helping others to navigate in the group and on AR, and I am feeling like I am not doing it right, or balancing my time appropriately.  Can this all be done in an hour a day? That is my goal.

I AM NOT WHINING, just looking for suggestions, ideas, or comments on what works for you.

This post is serving two purposes.  It is both a "thank you"for those who continuously comment on my Blog, and an "apology" for me not commenting on yours as much as I should be.  I get how this works, and want to support those who have supported me. Commenting on others Blogs is how this networking thing works best! I want to do more…

What kind of time commitment does your formula require?  Do you have a time management plan that works?  Are you finding it hard to Blog, Post, Comment, Respond, Manage your Email, Run your Groups and still have time to needle knit and crochet?  LOL

I am looking for a way to play a more supportive and effective role in spending time reading and commenting on "Your" Blog, but finding it hard to manage the time it takes to do this.  I don't really want to take away from the time on my Blog, but it may be necessary…what's your thoughts….Is there a formula?



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