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When I first started on Active Rain, I had just watched "The Secret" with my wife, sons, and co-workers.  I had decided to start trying to implement the concepts, and begin visualizing my first book.  I really wasn't sure which of the many ideas I was going to run with.  A few days later, I discovered Active Rain, wondering if somehow, it might have had something to do with me being drawn here by the World's energy, forces and power.  (WOW, That movie must have really had an impact on me) LOL!  Little did I know that the first book I'd put into print would come from my own story of adversity, and that it would be about the help and support that came from other Active Rain Members, Associates, Clients and Friends.

For those of you who don't know our story, (I think everyone already does) I had written a post called "Overcoming Adversity, Change, and Life's Challenges", a story about our personal journey the first three days of this New Year.  It was one of the craziest New Year's of my life!!  This post not only helped me through it, but my family and many others were affected by it too.  I recall saying in one of my comments, that a co-worker had printed out the entire post and comments, and she was taking it to share with her husband and her friend.  I remember also commenting that I should make a book. Hmmm…..

Just a few days later, our adversity, change, and challenges had "Miraculously" shifted direction, with a new, and very positive outcome.  I posted "The Rest of Our Story" so that friends and members could be updated, and so others might learn from some of the same powerful lessons that we did.  The comments and support here were over-whelming.  I really felt that maybe I should create a book to share with others who may not know about, or read my Blog.  It might help them, like it did us.



Well Today, I have in my hands, the very first copy of the book entitled, "Overcoming Adversity, Change & Life's Challenges." I have combined both my posts and your comments, bound them with a back and cover, and I now have completed my very first book.  Looking back on my thoughts after watching "The Secret", I'm wondering how true and real the content in that movie was.  After all, I was thinking and visualizing about writing a book.  Funny, but I think this was all part of the "Great Master Plan" by someone way more powerful than I.  Today,I'm truly thankful for this experience, the understanding of it all now, and for the positive outcome the whole thing had on myself and others. 

Now, I plan to read my own book every time I run into any circumstance that makes me feel I am losing control, or losing track of my focus, my goals, my family or my purpose! (Truly A Self-Help Book) LOL!~  When I read my story, it's amazing to me that we all got through it ok.  It's mind boggling how much support and love that came from an on-line community of social networking professionals, that I now call my friends and family.  We really hope to share our story with others who may be going through a similar crisis, or any type of adversity.  There is power in people, power in positive thinking, great power in the Active Rain community, but the highest and greatest power of all is your faith in GOD and your trust in his people!  

This is the first book that I'm aware of to come out of the Active Rain Community, and I know it won't be the last.  It is all thanks to YOU!  The AR Community helped me write this book.  You don't need to purchase my book, the links are already included in this post.  The book is not for selling, it is for giving.  It will be our way of giving back to those that we can help, and "Pay It Forward".  This book has been dedicated to Active Rain and it's members, and also to my family and friends here.  We are looking forward to sharing our story with others who want to see how it really is possible to "Overcome Adversity, Change, and Life's Challenges."


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