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Today I am celebrating my "One Year Anniversary" at Active Rain. I thought this would be a great post for the occasion.  WOW!  Where has the time gone, and what do I have to show for it?  Honestly, more than you could ever know!!  🙂

Yesterday, I was contacted by TBWS here on the West Coast.  They called me at 6:00am in the morning, and asked if I would come down to their office and do a "Live Video" interview.  Frank Garay, one of the owners, wants me to come in and talk about "Networking" and more importantly, Active Rain.  Frank says I'll be "live" for the video feed, and he'll be patching in another Active Rain member from Indiana.  This will be my first "Debut" talking about and endorsing Active Rain.  

So I started to think of all the things that I love and wanted to share about AR.  The social networking, the referrals, the friendships, the SEO, the groups, the information, the experience, the knowledge, the tools, and ideas, the points, the gossip, the games, the news, the technology, the industry updates, tips, tricks, techniques, the success stories, the motivation, the inspirations, the ads, the on-line marketing, the listings, the virtual tours, the addictions, the interesting people, and Oh Yeah….the business I have generated from being a member here.


I know what Active Rain has done for me, my business, my community, my writing, and my relationships, but the question I have is, what has it done for you?  What is it that keeps you coming back time and time again?  Why did you join Active Rain, and if you are still here, what is the reason?  That's what I am looking to provide at this interview next week. 

I want to share not only my perspective and opinions, but yours too!  Having your comments and thoughts will make this interview much more interesting and impressive.  Why would any Industry Professional want to be a member here on Active Rain?  I hope to make it clear! 

I also plan on discussing one of the greatest values here on Active Rain, and that's the member support I see constantly and consistently.  People always helping people!  We built this City and it will continue to grow.  So as I gather my thoughts, and put it all down on paper for this 5 minute interview, tell me, what's in it for YOU?  What's the most important reason you keep coming back?  I know my story, but what's yours?  The last thing Frank said to me was, "Video Killed The Newsletter!" l liked that title!   🙂



Thanks for your help with this.  I am honored and proud to be a member and represent the "Largest Real Estate Industry On-line Network of Professionals" in the Country and the World.  


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