Active Rain on Inman TV – A Congratulations Post!

Way to go Matt and Jonathan. I was totally jazzed to see you guys in this interview with Bradley Inman on TV. I was snooping through Inman news tonight, getting caught up on some reading, when I came across this video feed. I’m not sure how, and in fact, I can’t even find it again on youtube. Luckily, I have the html code here so I can find it again later. CONGRATULATIONS!!

I gave it a 5-star rating, and I was only the 5th viewer on youtube. So, my blogging fingers got a little excited, and have taken over my keyboard. I just had to share this with everybody, it was toooo cool. Hopefully, this will get you a few more hits on youtube and some SEO love!

Are you guys ready to be stars?! I’m talkin Larry King Live, CNN, and MSNBC. I’m thinkin Dr. Phil and Oprah will just have to get in line. You guys are going to be rich and famous!!! I just know it!!

After watching this, it made me proud to be a member of Active Rain! I look forward to what the future holds for this network and it’s members. One day, this video will be priceless, but I will always have it posted proudly, here on my Blog, thanks to Activerain! 🙂

NYSE: ACTR = $????.?? per share

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