"Active Rain" or just "AR"?

This one is just for "fun", make sure it doesn't get to the featured posts….some people won't see the humor!
You know who I'm talkin about…..

                                                ActiveRain real estate agent network

I always use to type "Activerain" in all my early posts. Then I caught on to the whole AR thing. Now it's AR this and AR that, seems I can type alot faster if I just put AR. Well, today, when I asked a realtor in my area if they had joined the AR Real Estate Network, they replied,  "what's AR?" So I explained. Not realizing that I kept referring to AR as AR, she finally asked, what does AR stand for? After a few silent seconds passed, I couldn't resist….I paused, and then I replied…..

                                      ……..is there                  AR = (Any Reason)
                                              that                       AR = (All Realtors)
                                              wouldn't join           AR = (Active Rain) 
                                              cause it's all           AR = (About Referrals!!)

To my surprise, when I asked her if she wanted to sign up, she responded yes, except for one thing;
I asked what might that be? She paused and then replied, I'm AR! ……. AR = (Already Registered!)
I wasn't AR = (Actually Ready) for that response……she got me! There is fun to be had here at Activerain.

AR = (All Righty)

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