ActiveRain Approved Widgets and Script Codes

hanks to all the members that responded to our request for information about their <scripts> and widgets, we now have an “Approved” list for you to use as a guideline.  Our programmers have determined that the following are safe and available for you to use on the network.

For those of you who may have missed the original post, the ActiveRain Team is making an effort to try and keep the network from being compromised by any malicious and threatening scripts or HTML codes.  We asked ALL members who were using <script> widgets or codes on their Blogs, to let us know about them so we could do the research to determine which ones could and should be kept.


All widgets and <scripts> that were submitted and reported by our members have ALL been approved.  Any other scripts that have not been approved, will be stripped and simply won’t work when trying to add them to your Blog.  This is for the safety and protection of the entire community. 

If you have a <script> widget that you feel needs to be added to this list in the future, please let us know by simply leaving a comment with the name of the widget and the URL or web address location, and we will research it for you.  Do Not Post The Script or Code in the comments here, just the name and URL.

Thank you to all those members who took the time to investigate their Blogs and report back to us, this saved us hours of time and research.  It was a huge effort by the community, and I personally appreciate all your help and support.  I have noticed a huge difference in the speed of our site, and not that this had anything to do with it, but I certainly haven’t missed that “Proxy Error” screen popping up this past week.

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NOTE: If the widget you posted or submitted on the original Blog Post request is NOT ON THIS LIST, that means it was not a script code and it is safe to use.  Example: Postlets, Meez, Grazr, ClusterMaps etc.

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