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ActiveRain Channels – Technology and Tools – It’s A “Discovery Channel”

Everyone knows how excited I get about all the new, cool, and useful technology that’s available here and out on the web. Turns out, and it’s no surprise, that I’m not the only one who loves to share tech tips and tools with others.  Many of us create posts on AR, sharing our findings and information with others in hopes that it will be helpful to them in their business.  We add them to  channel, give them a topic, submit them to our Blog, then we go on about our day.

Today I saw a post by member Jim Lee sharing Wordle, a cloud tagging tool that was very interesting. Then I saw he added his post to the Technology and Tools Channel on ActiveRain.  Curiosity always gets the better of me, so I clicked on the Channel and was “Blown Away” at all the members who had written posts about various Technologies and tools they had discovered too.  Want some Tech and Tools?

Here’s what I discovered, there is a ton of content covering…

Technology | Twitter | Google | Websites | Photography
 Video | Facebook | Social Networking | SEO

Each of these links within the Channel will take you even deeper where you’ll find even more focused content on each subject matter.  There is an alphabetically sorted “Topic” index at the bottom of the Channel that you can search through in detail. There’s even a “Most Popular Topics” index on the right hand side of the Channel page.  As you click on specific topics, you’ll notice a “Top Contributor” section within that Sub-Channel.  This Channel Navigation structure applies to EVERY ActiveRain Channel.  Did you know this?

Holy Cow! I work here everyday and didn’t even realize how much the Channels have grown.  It’s awesome!!

Just out of curiosity… again,  I used the search tool on AR and searched for “TIPS and TOOLS.”  WOW!  More than 800 posts have been written just using these two keywords.  For me personally, this will save me a ton of time looking for exactly the kind of stuff I love and that I’m always searching for.  Talk about discovering a goldmine, I’m feeling like a 49er today!! lol~

There are so many areas to find great content on ActiveRain: The feature board, the Blogrolls, inside the groups, subscribed bloggers etc., just don’t forget to grab your remote control once in a while and skip through some of the ActiveRain Channels. It’s just like your television, you never know what you’ll discover until you start flipping through some of the channels.  Also, make sure that you’re adding your content to the proper channels so you’ll get additional exposure to those looking for your specific topics. 

The Technology and Tools Channel IS My new “Discovery Channel!”

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