ActiveRain Comments – Did You Know?

I’ve discovered something about comments that I’m embarrassed to say, I should have known already. Let me just start by saying that there are all kinds of little “hidden secrets” scattered all through-out AR.  The more time you spend here, the more you’ll find where they are, and how you can use them.  Here’s a couple worth sharing.

Did You Know?  There are currently over 1,000,000 posts on ActiveRain, the question by many here is “How Many Comments are There?”  Not that there is too much significance in the answer, (or maybe there is) there is a way to tell.  At this very second, there are 4,426,343 comments on AR. 

Here’s the actual comment.

So How do you find the most recent comment on AR?  Click on “Blogs”  click “All”  click “Last Comment”, then click “Today”  Now open that top post on the left column and scroll down to the last comment.  Click on the last comment number. IE:#99  The comment number will appear in your browsers URL / address bar.  It’s the number located at the end of the URL.  IE##4426343.  Very cool for us stat trackers and inquiry minds.

Did You Know? …now this is the coolest.  Every Blog post on ActiveRain is numbered.  Every comment in every post is numbered as well right?  Have you ever wanted to link to another members comment instead of the post?  Have you ever seen any other Social Network or Blog where you can?  I haven’t…until now.

I’ll go ahead and use the screaming Christine Bohn comment for this example:
Thanks Chris and BTW – Congrats on your 100K points and your new badge!

Every comment on AR appears like this now: 

What some members (including myself) might be missing is the #link in each comment.  Yes, it is the comment number for that post, but it is also a direct link to that individuals comment.  Are you kidding me?  No!  Just “right click” your mouse over it, then “copy the link location” (or click on it and get it from the URL/address bar) and you’ll have access to any of the nearly 5,000,000 individual comments on AR.  WHOAH!!  I never knew this, and AR may be the only place that has this little hidden treasure.

Did You Know?  I was so upset this one got by me, I called Bob Stewart and told him what an idiot I felt like.  Then we placed a small wager on “How many other members MAY or MAY NOT know about this too?  Oh well, you don’t have to admit anything here, I’ll just go ahead and pay Bob, but know it’s here if you need it.

Matt Stigliano knew about it, and was the first to ever email me a link to one of his comments.  Just so happens, it’s the AR Worlds Record for the longest comment response ever!  See for yourself.  lol~ Congrats Matt.   

Did You Know?  I Didn’t.  Now You Do.  Checks in the mail Bob!

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