ActiveRain Drops in Tennessee

I’ve just returned home from an ActiveRain field training in Dyersburg, Tennessee. Mike Frazier from Carousel Realty coordinated the entire event. This was the first official “ActiveRain Field Training” for myself, AR, and for Tennessee. It was an incredible journey and I was honored to be the “Chosen One” to scatter some “Rain Drops” across the Country.

I spent many hours in travel for this 4 hour class,it was worth every minute, and I would do it all over again. I was very fortunate to see and experience so much in just 48 hours. Nothing short of awesome! The ActiveRain members in Tennessee are some of the kindest, most generous and hospitable people I have ever met. There are so many things that I could post about this trip. I know other members are Blogging about it too, so this is what I have chosen to share…

My Video Journal of the Adventure. It was more fun than one person should be allowed to have! These are just a few of the places I was able to explore and visit while in the great state of TN.

Tennessee Video Adventure – 4min.

(BTW – I ‘ve been corrected, it’s “YAWHOO.COM in Tennessee, and not YEAHWHO.COM”) LOL~

WOW! What a day! We tried to go over 3 days worth of information and topics in just four hours. I’m talking TMI overload to the max, but the class was great and they withstood 4 hours with me. That’s Incredible. I can hardly take 4 hours of myself. Here’s what we attempted to cover.

Some members of the class Blog regularly on AR, and others, we are encouraging to just dive in and start. Everyone remembers trying to write that very first post and how it felt. The pressure, the fear, that voice in our head, and procrastination. Take a moment and encourage these folks if you get a chance. I know it helped me when I started Blogging. There are so many new members looking at ActiveRain from the outside in, and don’t realize the power and benefit of being inside, and looking out. Take the opportunity to pay it forward every time you can.

Here’s Some Link Love for my Friends

Newer Tennessee members to ActiveRain:

Others that wanted to share too:

I was sad to leave Tennessee so quickly. All the socially networking with other members on ActiveRain is so powerful and very important, but bonding with members in person is absolutely unparalleled. We simply just ran out of time. If you EVER get the chance to have or attend an ActiveRain Gathering, Training, or Workshop, take advantage of those opportunities, you won’t ever regret it. You can mark my words.

I’m trying to put together some Webinars and Techinars that we can offer to members on-line who miss, or can’t make it to these events. In the future, I’m hoping to feature some “special guest” speakers and “trainers” from different parts of the Country covering a variety of topics. It could be very cool and useful with this many members. More info coming soon…

Also, if you’re interested in doing some training in your area, let us know. It’s possible that we can make it happen. With a combined effort, it really isn’t that costly. It looks like some of our next stops might include Florida, Kentucky, North Carolina, Arizona, Texas, Washington and San Francisco.

Lastly, there’s a RUMOR and it IS TRUE. I WAS escorted to Graceland, to Elvis Presley’s Mansion by David Saks in a red convertible, however, the rumor that I got to try one of Elvis’ favorite snacks, a fried peanut butter and banana sandwich is not true. We are saving that for my next visit, and all of Tennessee will be invited to join us! Thank you to my fellow “Rainer’s” and friends for your warm welcome, your participation in the class, and all your support in Dyersburg. I’m really looking forward to being there again next year…if not sooner!

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