ActiveRain Generates Referrals!!!!

I just got another referral from Activerain today! I love you guys!! I signed up 6 days ago and already,
it's changed my life, my business, my outlook on blogging, my placement on google searches, and my
income. If you are not a part of this phenomenon, you just are missing the boat!

I have told so many of my clients and my resources, they are all getting on the wagon.  I am teaching a
class on the 15th of March to share this awesome network with others. In 6 days, I have had over 51 people
sign up, 3 referrals, 3 Featured headline posts, and found 3 people I had lost over time.

WOW! INCREDIBLE!  I am proud to say that I am a member of the AR Real Estate Network.  I truly look
forward to the unlimited possibilities that will be generated from AR!  My cyber door is always open to you. 
Thanks to the developers, programmers, and creators of ActiveRain.  Brad the Blogologist, learning to
specialize in Blogology!      🙂

                                                  Dancing Frog


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