ActiveRain Goes International

  ActiveRain – The
National “Global” Real Estate Network

“Hi Brad, I live in South Africa and would like to join AR. No luck. No way to join if you are from another country. Any chance of this changing soon? Colleen.” 
This was a request and comment I received yesterday.  We have received many requests lately from all over the world about joining ActiveRain.  New Zealand, Indonesia, Australia, Mexico, Tahiti, parts of the UK and others.  So in an effort to expand our Network and help create Global Real Estate connections and networking opportunities, we‘ve setup an “International Home” for our World Wide Web of friends.

  The State of: International, County of: International, City of: International have been created.  Anyone outside the US and Canada can use this new option when they sign up.  We will be setting up specific Countries as we continue to grow in these various locations. 

If you are looking or have been waiting to join ActiveRain, no matter where you’re located on earth, now you can do so by Clicking Here.  As we expand our Global reach to other Countries, please take a moment to say hi, welcome, and recognize some of our new found International Friends.

In years past, having a network connection to others in our Industry “Globally” may have seemed a bit far fetched, but with WEB 2.0 and Networks like AR, the World has become a much smaller and accessible place.  These are very exciting and fascinating times.  I’m happy to do my part by flying out to Tahiti and presenting the first ActiveRain class.  Jon?  🙂

Is your Blog getting exposure in these other Countries?  You bet it is!

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