The Heart and Transmission of ActiveRain

Next month is my one year anniversary working for one of the greatest companies I have ever been privileged to be part of and employed with.  The funny thing is, I have been working here all this time and have never been to our Corporate Headquarters located in Washington State.  Today, I am sitting in our main office with the rest of the ActiveRain Staff, and while they are all working hard to keep things up and running, working smooth and efficiently, I’m hiding in the conference room writing this post!  Hey, I’m working hard too… lol~ 

Bob Stewart has asked that I disclose that these photo’s above are not of the entire ActiveRain Office, just the building where we are located.  If you look close behind the handicapped parking sign, you’ll see Bob waving from the window of our little section of this gorgeous structure.

It was very exciting to walk into the office for the very first time. My first impression was WOW, there really is an ActiveRain Office!  Within moments, a very surreal feeling came over me…  this is the place where the heart and transmission of the entire network is housed and controlled.  These are the people who make it all happen on ActiveRain.  I’m actually here now with the staff TEAM who have not only built the most powerful Real Estate Network in the Country, but soon I’ll be having lunch, answering phones, and working right along side with them.  Up until today, I have only spoke to them on the phone or via email.  It’s a great feeling here of being “home away from home.”

Today they are letting me pick where we’ll be having lunch. This is an ActiveRain tradition in the office.  Each week, someone gets to select the lunch menu and chooses where they’ll be dining for that day.  Since I am here, I get the honors.  Tomorrow, some of us will be heading over to the REBarCamp at Zillow’s Headquarters.  It’s going to be a great event packed information, experience and ideas from some of the greatest folks in the Industry.  Did I mention it’s FREE?   If you’re in the area or within 1000 miles, I recommend you come join us.

I’ll be flying back home on Valentine’s Day to be with my sweetheart, and it will be a Happy/Sad Day. Why?  Happy for obvious reasons, and sad because I have already become attached to our office here in Washington.  The Big Screen in the conference room, lunches with the staff, the synergy in the air, and the fun and laughter that is shared along with the hard work these guys (and gal) deliver daily.

Claire Cruver Jeff Corbett

Mike Judge Bob Stewart Jorgen Hahn

I have come to appreciate this Network not only as my place of employment, but as a place where PEOPLE with HEART makeup the environment that we have all come to know and love.  It is one of the greatest experiences in my life to be part of this team of dynamic, creative, and down to earth people.  If you ever get the chance to visit the ActiveRain Main Office, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

I hope you ALL know how hard these guys work to make your experience on ActiveRain an enjoyable one.

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