ActiveRain Launches "NEW" Video Interface

Well.  (Big Sigh w/Big Smile)  Today you will see a “new” icon on the edit tool bar when you go to create a new post, edit an existing post, or leave someone a comment.  When you click on the new icon, you’ll soon have one of two options  One: Click on it to seamlessly access your AR Video Dashboard.  Two: Be given an option to create an ActiveRain Video Account.  I have been waiting for this for months. FINALLY!!

Existing ActiveRain Video Subscribers:

You’ll now be able to bypass the log-in screen at, and access the your video console directly.  Currently, if you click on the    video button/icon, it will take you to a screen where you’ll subscribe.  We will need you to update your information. (The site is secured)  Your current video account will remain the same.  Your videos and library will not be affected.  For the next week or so, you will still have to embed your videos the same way you have in the past, but once we get the user interface fully integrated, your video will now be just one click away.

New ActiveRain Video Subscribers:

New users, you will need to subscribe which is simple and takes less than a minute.  Just click on the    button/icon, and follow the instructions on the screen, it’s so easy a caveman could do it. lol~  Once you are activated, you’ll have easy access to all your video and marketing ad campaigns created on the ActiveRain Video dashboard.  We are completing the log-in and password interface now, I’m hoping it will be ready next week.

Video is one of the most powerful and viral tools on the Internet today, not only for Real Estate, but every business!  There’s no more guessing, we know where this technology is going.  Now that video will be indexed by search engines based on converting speech to text, I think this is a smart move, and I’m glad to see AR and our community getting more involved with this.  I’m in 100%! 

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