ActiveRain "LIVE" on Late Night with TBWS

 TBWS Late Night will be hosting a "LIVE" video and "Air" broadcast with the ActiveRain TEAM today, Thursday April 11, 2008 at 6:30pm PST, 8:30pm CST, and 9:30pm EST. 

We will have Bob Stewart, Rich Jacobson and myself "LIVE" and available to take your calls, comments, and questions etc.  We may even get Jonathan Washburn to pipe in for a few if enough members respond to this "First Ever" live broadcast with the AR staff.  Frank Garay will be the host for the evening.

Let's crash the Party!!  🙂  With your help, I'd like to light up the TBWS switchboard and phone lines like a Christmas Tree.  Let's flood the show with calls from members, and show listeners and viewers what the AR spirit is all about.  I'll be there live in the studio with Frank, and we'll have Bob, Rich and Jon on the phone lines.

Come share some love, show some support, call in and have some fun with us.  It's going to be a great evening!!  There will be some great topics for discussion and I'm certain, we'll have some unexpected surprises and guests calling in. You won't want to miss this one for sure.  Just remember the time zones for calling or linking in.


Go to 

Click on the above link at the prescribed time, then click “on the air” to join.

Chat in questions or call in at 800-357-5363 toll free.

This broadcast will be open and available all across the Country!

Don't miss this opportunity to talk with your ActiveRain Crew.  I may even be able to swing awarding some bonus points to the members who call in with the Best Success Stories or Questions.  (I have not confirmed that yet, I'm still too new to push my weight around like that)  LOL!~ 

We'd love to have you join us, take an hour out of your evening to "Link" or "Phone" in and be a part of this special evening.  It would also be a great time to thank these guys for their vision, support, and all their hard work that has made ActiveRain the place it has become today, and all that it will be in the future.

BTW – This WILL NOT be the forum to call in and discuss the fact that you may have had to file an extension on paying your taxes.  :-)))




Wow! That was too much fun!  If you want to watch the show, here is a link, but you will need to use Internet Explorer as your browser.  Firefox has not been working.  When the page loads, just click on the top video, and it should work…I  think….I hope!  🙂

                                                         The ActiveRain TBWS Late Night Show!


Thanks to Brian, Sharon, Nick, Michelle, Jason, Mara, Will, Deborah, Joe and Natalie for calling in, you made the show a success, and the night entertaining.

I wanted to also thank Bob and Rich for being on the line and fielding many of the questions.  I want to apologize to all those who tried to get in and were unsuccessful getting online with us.  We WILL do it again. 

I mentioned that I was going to see about getting some points awarded to the best comment, question or success story, and those points will go to Natalie for sharing her success story about her 2.4 million dollar listing she acquired from her efforts on ActiveRain.  Way to go Natalie, congratulations!!  :-)))

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