ActiveRain "Live Talk Show" on BlogTalkRadio

Yes, It’s True.  ActiveBrad is Hosting a “Talk Show” on BlogTalkRadio.  Get Read, Get Seen, Be Heard!  Great content gets read, Viral Video gets seen, and Quality Radio gets heard. The media has done it this way for years. 
Well, we’re finally there!

ActiveRain now has our own little corner of the Internet Radio World, and we’re looking forward to sharing it with all of you.  We will have special guests, trainers and instructors, coaches, guest speakers, along with members and ActiveRain Staff.  We’ll be sharing ideas, challenges, solutions, and success stories from all over the Country.  My first guest will be Rich Jacobson, this Thursday at 11:00am PDT for a 15 minute show.  The topic this week is “How to Get Featured on ActiveRain.”  Rich is one of ActiveRain’s Community Builders, and moderators, who has years of experience in Real Estate and Social Networking.

Our shows will be a lot of fun.  We welcome you to listen in.  Our special upcoming “Open Mic Night” will be a blast!  You can also check out our “Audio Library” if you miss a show, (which is currently under construction.)  Come join us for the kick-off debut with Rich on BlogTalkRadio.  You can register by CLICKING HERE, it’s FREE.  Or just call the number below, it’s that easy, we’d love to have you “On The Air” with us.  The phone number is (347) 677-1643.  “Making a Difference, One Voice at a Time!”

“BlogTalkRadio is an award winning media platform
that gives us the ability to broadcast live. They host millions of conversations and connect like-minded individuals and their content with diverse communities. Since their launch nearly two years ago, BlogTalkRadio has hosted over 115,000 shows and they generate a monthly audience of about three and a half million listeners.”

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