ActiveRain Members and RainMakers – Do You Need Help?

ActiveRain Members and RainMakers – Do You Need Help?

I’m looking for AR members who feel they need some training and coaching.  There are many great trainers and classes/coaching offered out there, but they might NOT be what you’re looking for and what you REALLY NEED.

Are You Serious? Are you Ready?

What are your questions or concerns about Social Media, networking online, or Blogging on this massive Real Estate community and network?  What things might you be missing that will make a difference in your efforts here? What do you want-vs-need?

After many years of working with AR members
day in and day out, I have seen and heard it all, believe me.  Today I’m taking my experiences and the knowledge I’ve gained here to the next level. I’ve come up with an idea and plan for a possible solution for those who struggle in the web 2.0 arena.

I’m offering coaching classes to ALL ActiveRain members.  The design and content was built and based around the needs of those who I see challenged and struggling in the world daily.  In this case, it’s a simple one-hour training and coaching call designed to educate and simplify the power and the tools of the AR network. Take advantage of my 12-16 hour days 6-7 days a week that I’ve spent learning and finding answers and solutions to member’s challenges.

The goal: My experience and knowledge here will save you time, and dramatically reduce your learning curve.

Are you not sure how to use Hit Router because you’re not a REALTOR?  Are you lost when it comes to creating an effective signature for your posts?  Do you struggle with understanding how SEO works?  What about titles, content, and great anchor text?  Do they make a difference to the search engines?  How do you manage your time with Social Media?  Is there a Business Strategy or Plan that works?  How do you generate, cultivate, capture, and convert leads?  Are you different than the other 200K AR members?

Over the years, you’ve shared your questions, needs and concerns, and one by one I’ve been trying to help.  Now I’m going to open the “Rain” flood gates to everyone.  OK, here it comes…  what’s the catch?  This coaching call is $99.00, but will be HALF OFF to any and all AR members and Rainmakers.  Why?  Because I want you to take advantage of an opportunity to get the most out of your membership and the efforts you invest here on ActiveRain.

Remember, it’s not the AR network that will make you successful, it’s what YOU do with it, and how YOU use it that will make it worthy of your time, your efforts, and your financial investment.  Celebrating your “Thrill of Victory” with you is much more rewarding for me than witnessing your “Agony of Defeat!”

STEP ONE: It’s less than the cost of filling your gas tank, and you’ll learn some stuff that “works!”

STEP TWO: Submit the form below and take your Blogging efforts on AR to the next level.

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