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Welcome to the Activerain MLS Online group.  This group was created to make the search for listings easy to find within the AR Network.  Each group member here has the desire to do more business and networking, but also with the expectations of getting referrals, generating leads, exposing their inventory to potential buyers, and having their names and companies moved up in the search engines.

I have looked through the 23 pages of "groups" and joined those that peaked my personal interests.  However, I had difficulty finding just one group that focused on posted listings.  Search no more.  We already have members joining the group and posting their listings for your previewing pleasure.  Now, with an online MLS within Activerain, Realtors, Investors, Buyers and Sellers can go to one location, one group, one network, to find all the properties available on the AR Network. Then they are pushed over to

It's very simple. Go to and click on "JOIN GROUP".  Then, when you post your listing (as a logged in member) up on Activerain, simply put a check mark in the box for the "Activerain MLS Online".  This will allow members to network with each others listings, help relocation agents find their clients homes in other areas, and the best part, to begin really building the relationships and referrals that can come from the AR Network.

I am committed to seeing members benefit and share some of the same successes that I have in Activerain.  I have posted directions on how to input your listing into AR, and into this group.  You don't have to post your listings here, but if there is an agent on the West Coast who's seller is moving to the East Coast, or anywhere in between, they may just pull up "YOUR LISTING in AR.  Then the referral contracts start to emerge.

Imagine being able to do 5 – 10 additional transactions a year by referral, just by posting your listings here on Activerain.  There are so many ways to have success within this network, I believe the Activerain MLS Online, will be a huge contributor to the success of the agents in my areas, and in yours too.  Check it out, join if you like, and start posting your inventory to take full advantage of what Activerain has to offer.

The Activerain MLS Online is not Myspace, it is YourSpace!!  Are you taking full advantage of what AR has to offer?  We would like to have our group on the main "" feature page for easy access to all inventory. With your support, participation, and future success stories, Activerain may grant us this request.

Wishing you all the greatest successes here in the Largest Real Estate Network of Professionals in the Nation. 

  "Activerain MLS Online

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