ActiveRain Navigation – For New Members

If you are new to ActiveRain, first of all, we’d like to welcome you. ActiveRain is one of the best places to Network with other Real Estate Industry Professionals online, and it’s a great place to start your Blog. If you have recently joined the community, but have not yet had the chance to setup your profile, create your first Blog post, or have not learned how to get around and navigate the neighborhood, this post IS for you.

This is a short 8 minute video tutorial that will take you on a journey through three main areas of the ActiveRain Online Network. These areas include: the tabs and links on the main home page, the links and navigational tools on your “My Home” page, and lastly, the hidden tools and links on AR that can get you extra points and more information about your Blog. This is a large video file, please be patient, it may take 15-20 seconds to load.

Here are some links to other pages we recommend if you’re a new member here:

Inter-Active Video Tutorial – ActiveRain Navigation (8:30 min)

With Inter-Active Video, you can click on any of the links at anytime.

Disclaimer: This tutorial was created on the quiet side with the intention of not waking up the families of any “New” or existing Midnight Blogging Members. 🙂

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