ActiveRain Now on iTunes

I was just notified that the Inter-Active ActiveRain Business Card is now available on iTunes.   Last week, I posted a video on how the app works and received a great response from many of you iPhone users.  That’s not to say I didn’t hear from the BlackBerry Crowd too!  lol~ 
As promised, I said it was coming…now it’s here.

There is already more functionality, a new mortgage calculator, and a feature that allows iPhone 3G users to click on a button while in front of a property, (or in a specific neighborhood), that returns them a google map geocoded with the location, photo, and details of that property. 

I love this stuff, I think other iPhone users will too.

How Do I get it?

To get yourself a copy to check out, or test on your iPhone, just go to the iTunes store on your MAC or PC, and in the “Search” box, type “ActiveRain” and viola!  It only takes seconds to install, and I think you’ll enjoy some of these first features. (you may find a couple “rain radio” podcasts on iTunes as a bonus…shhh)

If you’re an iPhone owner, you can download a copy of this app RIGHT HERE.  It’s easy to do, and it’s FREE.  You can also download it directly from your iPhone buy clicking the “AppStore Icon” then the “Search Tab” with “ActiveRain” as your search.  I’d love to solicit your reviews, comments, and opinions over at the iTunes store.  Once you’ve download the application, you’ll see a button for “reviews” at iTunes, your feedback and support over there is appreciated, but only if you have the spare time. 🙂

Getting My Own Customized App

Getting this application customized for you and your company or business will be easy.  There’ll be a launching of the site wizard this next week, giving you the capability to create one of these for your own iPhone.  I’ll have a post giving instructions and details on how to do this sometime next week.

Thanks for sharing in all the excitement with me, it’s been a long time coming, and now I finally get to share it back.  Take a moment and check it out, then you can decide how you’d want your own iPhone Business Card App to work.  Or… you can just use mine to work and play in the “RAIN!”  Enjoy!

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