Statistics, Comments, Views, and Clicks

ActiveRain Statistics – Comments, Views, and Clicks:
Your ActiveRain Statistics page shows an overview of ALL your Blog posts and the activity they are getting.  This is a great tool to gage what is happening with each of your Blog posts in real-time. 

The first column is the Title and Link to your Blog posts, there’s no definition or description needed here.

The Second column is comments.  Many members and consumers may be reading your posts but not commenting. Those that do comment are accounted for and shown as a total on your stats page.  Don’t think for one second that just because you’re not getting mega comments that people aren’t reading your posts.  Out of the more than 1.3 plus million posts on AR, there’s not a single post here has not been seen, read, or at least viewed, or clicked by somebody.

The third column is views.  This shows how many times your post was viewed in a Blogroll.  This includes any Blogroll on ActiveRain.  A Blogroll is any place on ActiveRain where a list (called Blogroll) of posts are shown. Click on the “Blogs” link at the top of any AR page to see a sample of a Blogroll.  A Blogroll includes groups, subscriptions, and even the feature board.  A view simply means that your post appeared on someones computer screen as they were scrolling through the list and looking for a title to click on and read.

The fourth column is Clicks.  This is when someone actually clicks on the title of your post, and loads it as the solo post on their computer screen to read.  Clicks are accumulated not only within ActiveRain, but outside of the network too.  Many clicks on your stats page are coming from Google searches and direct hits by consumers. The longer your post is out there, the more all of these numbers will increase.

Your comments will always be less than your clicks, and your clicks will always be less than your views.  I’ll explain.  When a post first gets written, it shows up in the Blogrolls of all the groups you’ve added it to.  It also shows on the Main Blogroll, and the “Subscribed” Blogroll meaning those who subscribe to you will see your new post on their “Subscribers” Blogroll.  With the hundreds of posts that go up daily, in a very short time, your blog posts will roll off the end of the Blogrolls and into the B.P.C.A. (Blog Post Cyber Archives), only to be found again by someone searching through your Blog, or Google for your specific content. 

Focus on Building Your Blog Library” with quality content.  You can always go back and send folks links to your posts. This will create more views, clicks, and comments in the future, and this activity can and will continue for as long as your posts shall live.  In the chart below, I wanted to demonstrate how over time, the views and clicks will increase. This is a 30 day graph from oldest to most recent post.

How important is your Blog Post Title?  Look at the differentiation between “views” and “clicks” to determine that.

The most important thing to remember.  Any Clicks you get on your post after the first couple weeks or so are most likely coming from consumer searches and others that are searching your Blog. Comments, Views, and Clicks stats are a really great way to determine what your readers are liking, what consumers are finding, and what other members like to comment on. 

This tool is not meant to be a replacement for a good stats widget or stats tracker, but it is an excellent way to start viewing what’s going on with your Blog posts and content now.  It will also help and assist you with creating more of “what’s working” content in the future.  Now don’t just view it, you clicked it, so comment.  lol~  Have a great week, I hope to see you all at NAR!  :-))

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