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The ActiveRain University, ActiveRain’s BEST KEPT SECRET.  But Why?  Why would anyone not want to attend some or ALL of the FREE classes being offerred?  Your business and personal schedule is the only reason I can see that some might not be able to take advantage of these sessions. The other thought that has crossed my mind, maybe some folks just don’t know these are available, especially new members, and those outside ActiveRain?

Please help us get the word out!  With an average of 300+ people joining AR again daily, you can help us spread the word a couple of ways.  Reblog the original post and calendar, use the “Like” button to share on Facebook, use the email envelope option to send to a new or associate member, or just tell someone about  There’s even a link to this calendar on the ActiveRain Main HomePage.

Just look at some of these classes coming up and who’s presenting them.  These are some of the Top Producing and most Influential people in Real Estate and Social Media.  ActiveRain University is also currently working on the “Professor Roster” which will feature ALL the guest speakers and presenters along with their credentials, bios, and contact information.  I hope you’ll pay it forward and let others know.  Friends don’t let other friends drive on the Internet unless they’re educated and informed, here’s a great way to do that!  🙂

Via ActiveRain University (ActiveRain University):

ActiveRain University offers a wide variety of on-line Real Estate and Social Media training sessions/classes for Real Estate Industry Professionals. Classes are designed for new and experienced members of the Real Estate Industry.  Come learn about the various tools on ActiveRain, enhance your Social Media skills, learn about successful business applications, and grow business using the knowledge, experience, and tools used by other TOP PRODUCERS and experts in all aspects of Real Estate.

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We offer FREE classes and special guest speakers every week. Come Listen, watch, engage, and learn from some of the most influential people and teachers in Real Estate who will share their tips, valuable tools, and teach you the secrets of their successes.

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