ActiveRain Voices – Members Speak Out

When I returned home from Inman’s Real Estate Connect in San Francisco last week, I searched through my notes, videos, photos and handouts looking for something to post about that might be unique. There were so many things that I learned this year, some really great topics and technologies, wonderful panels with experienced speakers, it was fantastic. I was a bit challenged on what to post and share today.

Looking back, the one thing I came away with more than anything else this year, was the impact of the people and all the friendships I have made. Socializing, Networking and Connecting with People.

There are so many reasons why people in the Real Estate Industry join and stay on ActiveRain. You’ll find many here that have written about their personal rewards, benefits, and successes on their Blogs. There is a common thread and purpose behind each and every reason people love ActiveRain. As I walked the halls and meeting rooms in San Francisco, I had one question for other ActiveRain members…

To see the full length 5 min video on youtube, CLICK HERE.

“What is the Biggest Benefit or Value you get out of the ActiveRain Community?” I was very fortunate to catch these members friends comments on video. They shared their voices, and their experiences publically and I am so grateful to be able to share that. It’s an honor and privilege to be a part of this video, the three day event, and most of all, a part of their lives.

Thank you to: Rich, Desiree, Cindy, Kristal, Richard, Jeff, Missy, Gena, Kim, Tracy, Ginger, AJ, Brian, Jeff, Mara, Tom, Nick, Tisza, Mary, Teresa and Mike, each one of you for sharing your thoughts and for helping make this idea and video possible. Your voices will be heard and I hope viewers will come away with a greater understanding and idea of what Social Networking and ActiveRain is really all about.

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