ActiveRain Widgets & The New and Approved HTML List

New and “Approved” means “Improved”

Having a network with 123,000 members poses this question, can our network handle this kind of volume and continued growth at this rate?  Yes it can!  However, there are some things that have had to be changed in order to build a better, more secured and stable platform.  Here’s your update from the “ActiveRain Files” regarding Widgets and the New HTML approved list.

There are more widgets out there than we have members and new scripts and widgets are being created by the hundreds everyday.  Unfortunately, some of those widgets, scripts, and HTML codes can jeopardize and compromise our growing network.  After taking a serious and detailed look at these, we have come up with the Approved ActiveRain Widget and approved HTML List.

ActiveRain historically has not supported or endorsed third party sites and software applications that are used to create and write posts, grab the code, text, or HTML,  then copy and paste it to ActiveRain.  Fortunately, many of these have worked in the past and will continue to do so, but some outside sources of  HTML may no longer be compatible with our system.  We recommend creating new posts in the ActiveRain formats provided.  Security is our #1 priority to avoid malicious or viral causing scripts or code.

What Is A Widget?


Here are the approved Widgets for ActiveRain 

This list only applies to “script” widgets.  Not all widgets have script codes in them.  If you do not see a widget that you are using here, and it is currently working on your Blog, then it is not a script widget that we have to worry about, and it is automatically an approved widget.  If your widget is not working, then chances could be that it has code or script in it that will not be allowed on the network.  It may also be that the widget was not installed properly, dare I say…operator error.  LOL~  Here’s How To Add Widgets.

(Got Your Own Widget? Make suggestions here, but I can’t guaranty they will get approved)

Here are the New “approved” HTML Tags for ActiveRain

Don’t pass out on me now, this is important stuff.  I’ll provide a link to each <tags> definition.  Beginners: What Is HTML?

a, abbr, acronym, address, b, big, blockquote, br, center, cite, code, dd, del, dfn, div, dt, em, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, hr, i, iframe, img, ins, kbd, li, object, ol, p, param, pre, samp, small, span, strong, sub, sup, table, tbody, td, tfoot, thead, tr, tt, ul, var.

For Font Sizes: Use the <h1-h6> tags, or in Wysiwyg mode, highlight your text then use the CTRL+1 thru CTRL+6 keys.

For Font colors: Use this html code now  <span style=”color: #29d150;”> instead of this <font color=”green”> Here’s a link to some different color codes.   Still Lost or Confused?  Click Here

Look for enhancements and upgrades to the wysiwyg editor in the near future.

A Few New Fixed and Added Features

We updated the network last night and ran our maintenance & upgrades.  It will just keep getting better!!

  • Every 10 seconds, your draft posts are now being saved automatically.  No more lost posts from frozen browsers, accidentally clicking the back button, or just mistakenly clicking on that red x up in the right hand corner.
  • All hyperlinks in your posts should now open in a new window by default unless you change that option manually. Posts written with links in the last week or so will have to be manually corrected.
  • Twitter Feeds from ActiveRain Posts are now working again.
  • Links placed in comments will still work but have “no-follow” tags.  This allows members to place links that are related to the authors topic, but spamming will be useless.

Though you may have experienced some minor technical issues in the past, or will from time to time in the future, just know that we are restructuring and rebuilding a stronger, faster, secure network for our members.  Your support and patience is always appreciated, and your help and participation has been stellar.

Thanks for Building and Growing with us. Happy Holidays. 🙂

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