An Inside Outside Peek at Zillow – Kodak Moments Photo Tour

On my last visit to Seattle, WA, I had to attend a few meetings at the Zillow Corporate headquarters, so I decided to walk through the office with my iPhone and take some shots to share with my friends in the blogosphere.  It’s really quite fascinating to walk around inside the main office located at the top of the Wells Fargo building in downtown.

I’ll give you a quick tour of the office, and some of my favorite spots to hang out when I’m there.  If you’re ever in the Seattle area, make it a point to stop in and say hi to my friends and co-workers there.  They’re a great group and a whole lotta fun.  If you can catch me there, I’ll take you down to see the fish toss, and taste the best crab in Seattle.

The views from our office are absolutely spectacular!  360 degree views around the entire building.

Welcome to Zillow, the lobby that greets you with great anticipation of your visit.

The monitor in our lobby showcases some of the featured properties you’ll see on Zillow.

The views from every window in the building are truly stunning and unbelievable, this view is from the lobby.

Zillow has come a long way since 2005, the stories are proudly displayed for every visitor to see.

Hallways echo with sounds of celebrations, goals achieved, battles won, and numerous victory’s and successes.

The workplace and atmosphere are incredible, even the hallways have street names so I won’t get lost!

…. but I still get lost! lol~

Work weekends?  Ha! Now I know why Zillow Seahawk fans show up to work on Sundays… with binnoculars~

How do I know the staff at Zillow work very hard?  I have yet to catch someone playing table tennis. lol~

My personal favorite spot is here, they always have coffee, nuts, and a variety of cold drinks for me.

Over 200+ talented and committed people working hard to keep Zillow an industry & technology leader.

They care just as much about you and your business as they do helping consumers.

How do we R.A.T.E?  The call on the wall in the hall says it all.  I’m proud of Zillow, our principles and the team.

Oh yeah, did I mention the views???

I do enjoy spending time at Zillow in Seattle, the people who work there are very REAL and passionate. They take every task and challenge and make it exciting and fun.  There’s a very transparent culture behind the walls at Zillow.  Each team and department creates a unique synergy that spreads through-out and makes up the whole of the company.  I can honestly say that the true spirit and meaning of “customer service” lives and breaths in those hallways and offices.

A cup a coffee? – $1.85 A trip to Seattle?  $299.00 Kodak moments likes these? – $P,RIC,ELE.SS


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