Are You Using your Active Rain Statistics Page to Improve Your Blog?

I noticed today that my statistics page on Active Rain was begging for some attention!!  It was calling out to me, "Hey Brad!  Do you want to go out on a Blog with me tonight?"  Naturally, I said yes, and here we are!!  LOL!

I went through my statistics page to see what posts I had written that received the most views and comments. Finding your voice on Active Rain can be time consuming and frustrating.  Wanting to know what topics were of the most interest to readers had me intrigued.  These are the posts that made my "TOP LIST" for most read and commented.  Using your statistics page from your Active Rain profile, can help you establish what direction to take your Blog, and how to better your posts for your audience.



Do You Click on the Links In A Post? Be honest!
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Dragonfly - Photo: Brad Andersohn 2007

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03/28/2007 Target Marketing your Real Estate Business
03/15/2007 How to post your Listings On Active Rain
03/07/2007 Activerain MLS On-line

If you want to access your statistics page, just go to your "home page" and it will be down on the left hand lower portion of your screen.  No other member can see your statistics page, so it is a tool that is there just for you. Again, it is a tool!  It will also breakdown every post you have ever written.  It gives you how many views by other members, how many comments total, (that includes your own if you comment on your own posts), and how many clicks from your post to other links. 

Review your statistics page, see what your readers and your audience like, then better your blog how you see best fit.  I have learned that sharing information and ideas with others on Active Rain is what many readers enjoy and comment on.  For you, it may be different.  What does your statistics page tell about you, your Blog and your readers? 

Here is a link to my "STATISTICS" page, just recently updated! It shows dates, posts, views, and comments.

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